youtube vs tiktok for marketing

YouTube VS. TikTok For Marketing: Which Is Better For Driving Digital Campaigns?

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Video marketing is currently blazing on many platforms. Many marketers are comparing Youtube with TikTok, the top video-sharing platforms. The two are the most popular platforms for many brands looking to promote their products or services online. While these two platforms can serve different purposes, both are powerful marketing platforms. Keep reading about YouTube and TikTok to make the right marketing decision for your online campaigns.

1. Length Of Videos

Video length, sometimes referred to as watch time, is a crucial component to the success of marketing efforts on video-sharing platforms. TikTok allows videos from 30 seconds to ten minutes long, which is fairly short. YouTube videos can be as long as you wish.

According to research, the best length of a marketing video is between 30 seconds and two minutes, depending on what you’re selling and the content you’re creating. TikTok and YouTube are effective in the video length you’re allowed to upload. Still, YouTube gets a lot more views than TikTok. With YouTube clocking over 100M hours of watch time every 24 hours, it’s easy to decide where to market your brand based on video length.

2. Target Audience

TikTok is a relatively new marketing platform. Gen Z comprises TikTok’s biggest users, making it a powerful advertising tool if that’s your target audience. YouTube was launched in the digital sphere much longer than TikTok, and its audience is more diverse. Users of all ages, from the young to the elderly frequent the platform.

Understanding demographics of the audience you’re targeting is vital when deciding which video platform to use for your digital campaigns. For example, digital marketing for entrepreneurs and contractors will employ different marketing strategies from tactics used by luxury goods vendors.

If your target audience is in the lower range, TikTok is an excellent choice. But if your goal is to reach a broader range of people, YouTube is a more effective option.

3. Audience Reach

Reach is vital for marketers, and it is one thing that TikTok outperforms YouTube. Since so many people are on TikTok, it becomes pretty easy for you to be discovered by your target audience. YouTube newcomers don’t get such rapid success.

Still, if you consistently work on your channel, your YouTube channel can become a hit with viewers. Since established channels earn from past content they have put up on YouTube, it is an excellent advertising and marketing platform.

YouTube VS. TikTok For Digital Marketing Campaigns: Make The Right Choice

YouTube and TikTok are the top video-sharing platforms for digital marketers today. The two platforms can help grow your business if you know how to use them effectively. Like most business owners who use both platforms though not in equal measure, you can get the best of both worlds.

Your type of business will determine which platform will build an online presence for your brand. Determining which video-sharing platform suits what you’re selling will come down to how you intend to use the platform and the type of content you’re creating.


Digital marketing experts see influencers using TikTok over other social media sites in the future. Still, other content marketers prefer longer videos than what TikTok offers. Many experts also predict that YouTube will continue to come out on top. The choice depends on your brand and what works best for you.