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Top YouTube Channels to Follow For Calisthenics Content

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When it comes to workouts, we have powerlifting, cardio, strength training, and more. There is one particular form that is becoming immensely popular is calisthenics. It’s a discipline that allows using body weight for workouts, helping to achieve an absolute form with stamina and strength.

Many people today are beginning to shift from traditional weight training to calisthenics because of its perks. If you’re into it too, then it’s time to get some mentorship from the best. In today’s era where literally everything is available online, you can find YouTube channels for better insights into calisthenics training.

Fortunately, we’re sharing some of the top calisthenics YouTube channels that you can follow for better training insights, tips, and tricks. Make sure to follow these for regular updates and get plans from Xfinity Internet to stream videos endlessly without any hassle, anytime, anywhere.

1. Calisthenicmovement

Sven Kohl is a state physical therapist and a licensed fitness trainer, who founded ‘Cali Move’ that manages Calisthenicmovement. He’s considered one of the most dependable people when it comes to calisthenics knowledge because of his experience and training in the domain.

On this channel, you’ll find over 264 HD videos of pure calisthenics inspiration, which have amassed a staggering over 3 million subscribers. In addition, you’ll get tips on workouts, diet to maintain, nutrition, and more.

The channel also links with the official website where visitors can watch more inspiring training videos as well as order dedicated merchandise for training purposes.

2. Chris Heria

If there’s someone that you can trust with calisthenics training, it’s Chris Heria. The reason for this is that Chris features calisthenics training that almost everyone can participate in, irrespective of their level.

With over 3.4 million subscribers and featuring over 200 videos, you’ll find a dedicated set of content that will enable you to begin training right away. In addition, Chris is also reputed as a fitness model, branching into the fashion industry.

You’ll find a wide range of fitness and stylish clothing on his official website that will aid you in looking stunning, whether it’s a workout or just a casual meetup.

3. Hybrid Calisthenics

Hampton – the man behind Hybrid Calisthenics, brings a wide range of content focused on Calisthenics. From pushups to pull-ups and more, Hampton features training variations that allow you to focus on all parts of your body and reach the next level.

His YouTube channel features over 180 videos that have amassed more than 2.3 million subscribers. One of the many reasons behind so much following is that Hampton features techniques that allow gaining progress that would last long.

His fitness plans are personalized and targeted according to the user’s routines, which makes them more applicable executable, and ultimately, beneficial. If you’re looking for personalized plans with great insights, then this channel is a great choice.

4. Frank Medrano

Another calisthenics fitness trainer to follow for some inspiring training tips and tricks is Frank Medrano. He’s one of the icons in the domain and has been featured in numerous publications for his amazing training insights.

In addition, he trains people in multiple modes such as strength training, muscle building, and more. He has over 1.3 million subscribers and with over 80 videos, you can easily get great ideas and motivation to begin your calisthenics training.

Moreover, you can also visit his website and get access to resources such as personalized plans. You can also join his private chat group where you can engage in discussions and get updates as needed.

5. FitnessFAQs

With a plethora of content on calisthenics, FitnessFAQs is one of the biggest sources that you can rely on for the purpose. Daniel Vadnal runs this channel, which would seem like a collection of homemade videos.

In reality, it actually is and Daniel uses himself as a guinea pig to demonstrate how the training will affect his body. It’s a great idea since he’s not built himself in the beginning and using the training he’s teaching, he actually demonstrates the growth.

With over 1.3 million subscribers and 440+ videos, Daniel’s content is surely one of the most inspiring ones to find if you’re looking to discipline yourself. Plus, he also features calisthenics workout routines that guide people from the beginning to the end for the best results.

6. Calisthenics Family

Hailing from the Netherlands, Yannick and Michael are two skinny brothers, or they used to be, who now train people for an inspiring change using calisthenics training. Shifting to the domain, the brothers have focused themselves on extensive calisthenics workouts that maximize strength for bodybuilding and weightlifting.

The amazing thing is that their channel has over 240 videos, and over 100k subscribers and they’ve launched a mobile app as well as eBooks for people to consult. You’ll find them training people on different calisthenics challenges such as handstand, human flag, and more in their videos.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re into workouts, want to remain fit, and don’t like to focus too much on bodybuilding, then calisthenics is the right domain for you. With the abovementioned YouTube channels, you can certainly find quality content that will surely, if done right, bring out amazing results!