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How to Write My Research Paper on the Development of AI

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Writing term papers and assignments are probably no one’s favorite part of being a student. However, it’s not a part of the studies that we can get away from – after all, all grades are important to graduate. 

Thankfully, the development of AI is an interesting one, and unlike many other topics can be fun to research. So, if you’re wondering “how I write my research paper quickly and efficiently”, enjoy this step-by-step guide. You will also find a few tips on how to complete your paper if you are short of time. 

1. Think of a Thesis Statement 

In order for your essay to be compelling, you should also have a clear idea of what it is going to address. For instance, you could focus on how the development of AI has had a positive impact on the world, or your thesis could be about the negative consequences of tech. 

You can also write solely about the development of AI in a particular niche or how technology can help students today. As you see, there is plenty of room to be creative with such a topic and make your essay unique. 

2. Come up With an Outline 

Now that you know what you are writing about, it would be a good idea to think of how you want to present the information. 

As you might know already, the standard format of the essay is to start with an introduction, go into detail about the topic with the ‘body paragraphs, and complete with a conclusion. So, as imaginable, the main part of the essay will go into the middle part. 

The easiest way is to split the main topic into different sub-sections. However, you won’t need to come up with subtitles; instead, the main purpose of this outline is to be clear about what information to search for and how to utilize them in your essay. 

3. Do Research

This is perhaps one of the most important parts of the essay. Depending on your topic, you can either do a literature review or refer to credible articles on the internet. 

For the topic of the development of AI, it’s best to opt for a combination of both. This is where the outline made before would be helpful. This will help you know what exactly to look for and how you could fit it into the essay and thesis. Also, make sure to save the sources in order to cite them later in the essay. 

Doing the research for your essay can be very time-consuming. And some topics can be quite tricky as well. So, in such cases, it’s best to write my research paper with the help of major academic libraries. There are many professional resources out there that are available for free.

4. Start With the First Draft 

Once all the research is ready and organized, you can start writing the actual essay. Since you have a headline, you can follow that. However, there is no need to stick to it 100%. You can also change the content based on how the essay is evolving. 

When you write the essay, ensure that all the information ultimately relates to the main thesis statement. If there is data that is irrelevant, you can and should remove them. A good essay is not about meeting the required word count but about making sure that the content is concise and to the point. 

Moreover, when you introduce a new point, you should also look for sufficient examples to back it up. To keep things interesting, it’s good to add arguments to the topic and, more importantly, refute them. 

For instance, if you say, ‘Some experts believe that artificial intelligence is the most brilliant innovation in technology,’ it’s best to continue with, ‘others argue that AI can be unethical and not suited to make decisions on behalf of humans.’ 

This method can be effective in luring the reader while demonstrating your credibility as a writer. 

After completing the body, think of a conclusion. Here, you can reiterate your thesis point and also point out the examples you discussed in the essay. 

Bonus tip: You might have some difficulty coming up with the introduction. And this can delay the entire writing process. So, the trick is to first write the body paragraphs of the essay. It will likely be much easier to add an introduction once the essay is completed. 

5. Proofread and Proofread

Once your first draft is completed, only half the work is over. You will now have to go through your essay again to eliminate mistakes and ensure that the paper has a good flow while reading. 

However, it might be best to take a break at this point. It helps to come back to the essay with a fresh set of eyes. Make sure to read the essay from start to finish. In doing so, you can spot if a few paragraphs seem out of place or disconnected from other parts of the essay. You should also include any citations if required and check if you have met all the requirements of the essay. 

Bonus Tip: When proofreading the essay, try changing the font or the text size. This can help you identify mistakes that you might miss otherwise. 

Take your time with proofreading, as you don’t want your essay to be riddled with errors that you could have easily corrected. When students write my research paper, many use such tools as Grammarly or any other text editor with built-in spell check to examine grammar and word choice. 

And that’s it. It doesn’t look as hard as it sounds, right? Writing an essay is not that overwhelming. With the right tools and a bit of organization, you can complete your essay in a few hours. And if needed, there are always academic platforms available for help.