workout foods for muscle recovery

Tips To Ease Muscle Soreness And Post: Workout Foods For Muscle Recovery

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People have different reasons when they strike heavy workouts. Some people do this for the sake of looking fit and at their best, some do this to get a muscular body to participate in some championship, and there are the athletes who do intense workouts to stay active and energetic. 

Whatever the reasons are, there is nothing like the feeling of that smashing workout that makes your muscle beg you for relief. If you are one of those who do intense workouts daily but don’t have an expert to guide you on how you should take things along, then we guide you through the best way you can rely upon to make your post-workout time less painful and a recovery time.

Here we mention some tips you can follow to ease your post-workout muscle pain. 

Massage Is Ideal

When your muscles are stiff and sore, a gentle and nice massage is ideal. It helps to reduce muscle tension and improves muscle performance. Massaging the sore muscle helps to increase blood flow in that area and pushes the accumulated fluid out of that muscle which aids in speedy recovery of the muscle. 

You can either use the oil of your choice or can also use different ointments or massaging gels for this purpose. A gentle CBD muscle rub would be the best option to consider. This gel is specially formulated to support muscle performance after a workout by fighting inflammation and soreness and reducing muscle tension thus giving your muscles quick relief and recovery. 

Do Light Stretching

When you do tough exercise, your muscles get stiff and hard. Doing mild stretching can help those stiff and contracted muscles to come back to their state and this time with more flexibility. It also helps to reduce muscle soreness by keeping muscles calm and flexible.

Get Enough Sleep

Whether you work out in the morning or evening, you must take some rest or a little nap after feeding yourself. Taking a deep nap after a workout supports muscle recovery. It is because when you are sleeping, pituitary glands in your brain release growth hormones that your muscles need for their growth and recovery. 

Post-Workout Foods For Muscle Recovery

You might have noticed people who generally look for the food items that help them stay fit and look smart but must rarely have seen people who care about themselves and take everything along with extra care. 

If they are doing exercise, they do know how they can be their trainer and nutritionist and stays fit without bearing any pain and deficiency. Some are beginners and don’t know how they can manage their nutrition levels to ease themselves after a workout. 

So here we give you some food suggestions you can add to your post-workout eating routine to help your muscles recover faster. 


Nuts are considered one of the healthiest post-workout snacks as it contains omega 3 fatty acid that helps to reduce inflammation and contains electrolytes to keep you hydrated, and protein for muscle growth. 


Eggs are a high source of protein, especially their white part. Athletes favor this food and consume it every day. eggs have a high content of bioavailable protein and help faster in muscle recovery. Generally, people consider taking only the white part as mentioned earlier that it contains a great amount of protein, but a whole egg would be the healthiest option for those having muscle soreness after a workout. 


We have always heard that children should never miss their glass of milk during their growth period and assume that milk is a diet for children. but we have always been wrong with this perception. As just being said that it helps children with the growth process, adults also need this fuel for the growth of their muscles and tissues. 

Since milk is high in protein, it provides all the necessary nutrients to your body for muscle recovery. If you don’t like the taste of milk, you can add some chocolate powder which is an even more, healthier post-workout option.


You may have heard about the different benefits of turmeric, from skincare benefits to others. but it also does its wonders in healing muscles. It’s an inflammation-fighting antioxidant and helps to reduce muscle damage. You can have this spice by adding it to soup or you can also add it into milk with crushed nuts and seeds, making a nice and warm turmeric latte.


Salmon is a nutritious food, packed with lean protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Whether you are working in the daylight or it’s just evening time, cook yourself a delicious and mild recipe of salmon for lunch or dinner. It is like a taste comes with benefits. 


Watermelon has a high water content, say 92% and it also contains an amino acid called I-citrulline which helps to reduce muscle soreness after an intense workout. watermelon is considered to be an ideal post-workout drink since it contains about 90% of water so it helps you by staying hydrated.