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What You Need To Work From Home On A Mac

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Working from home can be a lot better and more satisfying for most people; however, you can do a few things to make working from home smoother and more enjoyable. We have some tips to increase your productivity and help you become an efficient person.

If you’re working from home because of the lockdown, here’s how to get your home office set up with everything you’ll need. In this article, you will unearth some of the most important things you’ll need to set up, as well as some useful tips for working from home.

Access Your Mac Remotely

You might have saved many documents at work, and you might be clueless about how to access them from your home.

It is easy to access remote desktop on macOS. To access your desktop remotely, open System Preferences and go to Sharing, and click on Remote Management, where you can select the devices or users who have remote access on your network. You can add or remove devices/users you want to have on your network.

iCloud Storage

Working from home has its perks and benefits and having a Mac with an iCloud Storage plan is like a cherry on top. You can save all your work on iCloud and access them from anywhere and any of your connected devices. Whether working in a hybrid environment or completely working from home, you can have all your documents in one place and access them without any hassle.

To keep your files in sync, you have to set up an iCloud account so that you can access your files from any device. Open System Preferences on your Mac and clicks on Apple ID. Select the box beside iCloud Drive and hop on Options. You have to ensure that you have selected Desktop and Documents Folder and now, scroll down to choose some other files you want to save on the cloud.


If you worked on a large screen in your office and have a Mac mini at home, it might be difficult for you to work on a comparatively smaller screen. Having an additional display can boost your productivity and help you prevent aches and pains caused due to continuous crouching.

With an adept display, you will also need the right cables to connect the screen to your Mac and keep them at eye level.

Mouse & Keyboard

As Mouse and Keyboard are essential parts of your personal computer, however, as a laptop user, you might overlook them. The trackpad on your Mac is a great boon for users; however, having a keyboard and mouse for Mac will help you not look at the screen for long hours and strain your eyes and get a headache.

Having a mouse and keyboard will help you set up your system ergonomically to be at eye level, and you don’t have to crouch constantly to read something on the screen. You can align your keyboard and mouse in accordance with the display and use them without any problem.


If you’re a new Mac user who hasn’t yet explored Siri’s vast capabilities, you’re missing out. With Siri, you can organize meetings, get answers to your questions, and call your friends. Siri will also assist you if you are unsure how to use a specific program.

If you’re an introvert, Siri is the best buddy you’ll ever have; all you have to do is get to know her, and you’ll have a great listener on the go!

Essential Applications

If you are habituated with working on Microsoft Office apps at work, you must have them at home to perform smoothly. You can work on Pages to modify documents, keynotes for PowerPoint presentations, and a lot more for free.

Even if you prefer to use the Office apps, you can access your files from your devices over the cloud.

Browsing Over The Internet

To make working from home productive, you must make a list of important websites that you frequently need to visit so that you don’t have to hunt for them and panic if you can’t remember a specific URL.

However, if you are browsing over the internet in Safari, you can access the sites you visit at work, given that you open them on your iPhone.

Ways to Communicate

While working from home, you should be prepared with alternative ways to communicate with your colleagues. Slack is a fantastic platform to share with your friends and colleagues. Your team can set up various channels to communicate over serious issues and chit-chat about the weather.

It’s a great platform to share documents, excel sheets and discuss things with your team members without facing any challenge. It is a much better option than face-to-face conversations where you can record what is being asked of you to do.

These tips will help you enhance your productivity while working from home and boost your performance.