what to write in funny valentines cards

What to Write in Funny Valentine’s Cards

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The season of love is upon us so if you’re feeling like it, give your Valentine a funny Valentine’s card. Your Valentine’s card doesn’t have to be romantic alone,  it can be humorous too. And everybody loves to laugh. If you need a place to buy a funny Valentine’s card, check out Boomf.com. Boomf’s funny Valentine’s cards are made with quality materials and designed by an independent set of designers.

Can Valentine’s Cards Be Funny?

For different people, Valentine’s Day means different things, and they are celebrated for different reasons. Come celebrate the special day with their romantic partners and spouses. Some others just picked a name during a raffle draw and they have to send a present to their unsuspecting Val. Other people just choose to make a family member or friend their Val. 

Surely, if you picked a random colleague at work and a classmate in school, then you know your Valentine’s card can’t be about love or romance. Making it a funny Valentine’s card is the safest thing to do. So here are ideas of what to write in funny Valentine’s cards depending on your receiver.

You Picked A Random Name In School Or At Work

Here’s to those who had to pick a name for Valentine’s Day just because the whole office or classroom decided that was what they would do. Well, here we are to help you find something funny to write on funny Valentine’s cards.

  • Hey man. I don’t know what to write to you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I’m not your wife/husband but here’s a Valentine’s Day card from me.
  • Whoever came up with this idea must be single. But whatever. 
  • Omg. I wish this was not as weird as it is. Happy Valentine’s Day though.
  • I’d be lying if I said I admired your work ethic, so there. I could not send an empty Valentine’s day card though.

Your Valentine is a Family Member

It’s not as bad as it seems. Having a family member as your Val can be even better than being someone else because at least you know your people, you understand them, and will know exactly what to say in your funny Valentine’s cards.

  • Thank you for not letting me be alone today. I owe you one.
  • Well, everyone else has a guy/girl they are going out with tonight and I’m stuck with you.
  • Happy Valentine’s day is, hopefully, next year, you’ll find someone who will ask you.
  • Hey mom. It’s Valentine’s day and I’m your Vals. I’ll. be expecting my expensive present in the evening.
  • To the least romantic member of the family.

You want to send your bf, gf, or spouse, a Funny Vals Day Card

Even your boyfriend or girlfriend will appreciate a little humor in their funny Valentine’s cards so go for it. 

  • I know you say I’m the prettiest lady you have ever seen and I know you’re lying because you have seen Rihanna. But I love the effort to make me happy.
  • This ain’t a fairytale and there is nothing like living happily ever after. Disney fooled us… but I’m glad to be your fool.
  • How do you tell your annoying boyfriend/girlfriend that they are the sweetest weirdo ever?
  • Just imagine this card says all the loveliest things you want me to say to you.
  • Another day to buy you a gift? We have to become economical and choose one day to celebrate. Our anniversary or Valentine’s day?

Want to try any of these funny Valentine’s Day wishes, please, be my guest. It is an honor to have you try one of them on your funny Valentine’s cards.