Weird Things Women Find Attractive in Men

Weird Things Women Find Attractive in Men: Arousr Sex Chat Host Ana Hathor Explains

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When it comes to attraction, people tend to have different preferences and kinks. Although society tends to push the idea that men should be muscular, tall, and have chiseled features to be attractive to women, many women find themselves drawn to more unconventional traits in men. As an Arousr sex chat host, I’ve chatted with countless women about their preferences in men.

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about some of the weird things women find attractive in men.

1. Nerdy Hobbies 

As cliche as it sounds, many women find intelligence and quirkiness in men incredibly attractive. Being into nerdy hobbies, like playing video games, collecting comic books or building model kits, can make a man seem intriguing and unique. One of my chat buddies admitted that she found it incredibly sexy how her partner would get really excited about a new video game release or talk about his favorite superheroes.

2. Dog Lovers 

Women tend to fall for men who love their furry companions and show them affection and attention. Research has shown that men who own dogs are perceived as more trustworthy, responsible, and emotionally stable. One woman I was chatting with gushed about how attractive she found it when her partner gave their dog belly rubs in the park.

3. Sleepy Eyes

Heavy-lidded eyes give a tired or lazy look that usually corresponds to short-term sleep deprivation or lack of sleep. Some women find this look endearing and attractive as it seems to evoke warmth and comfort. One of my chat buddies told me that she found a man with tired eyes very alluring because it made him appear vulnerable and in need of a bit of TLC.

4. Unusual Voices

A man with a unique voice can be quite attractive, especially if he has a deep, rich intonation. I’ve talked to many women who find husky or raspy voices charming because they exude a sense of confidence and charisma. One chat buddy went so far as to tell me that listening to her partner speak was like listening to music.

5. Wearing Glasses 

According to research, men who wear glasses appear more intelligent and successful, which can be attractive to women. Some women find glasses aesthetically pleasing and see them as a symbol of sophistication and intellectualism. One of my chat buddies claimed that putting on her partner’s glasses made him look like a different person, and she found it irresistible.


In conclusion, although society may try to dictate what is attractive or not, people tend to have their own preferences, and that includes women when it comes to men. The five weird things I’ve mentioned may not be attributes that men traditionally associate with attractiveness, but they prove that there is an audience for everyone.

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes, the quirkiest of traits can be the most alluring.