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Five Health Properties Of Wearing Silver Jewelry

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For as long as anybody can remember, people use jewelry as a way to embellish themselves, show social standing, and complement their outfits. Many materials make jewelry, silver being one of them.

While there are other metals more precious than silver, it was the most valuable in the past and is responsible for many technological advancements.

About Silver Accessories

You can choose from either fine silver, sterling silver, or silver plate when choosing silver jewelry. One of the reasons people love silver jewelry is that it is light, does not oxidize, is durable, and is easy to customize. You can check Puravida Bracelets if you want to customize one.

You can also have yours coated with anti-tarnishing agents to keep the shine longer. If you ever get your silver jewelry tarnished, they are easy to clean. People use silver to make silver bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and belt buckles.

Benefits Of Wearing Silver Jewelry

For the longest time, people have always wanted to discover the health benefits they can get from wearing certain accessories and precious stones. Here are some of the health benefits you get from wearing silver jewelry:

1. Helps with circulation and internal heat regulation

Many people have said that they experienced a balance in their moods and increased energy levels after wearing silver. That is because it has natural properties that offset external electrical disturbances, promote circulation, and improve a balance in body temperature.

Silver has positively charged ions that develop a conductive field, which helps reflect electromagnetic radiation from the body. That stimulates your body’s natural conductivity and helps with your general well-being, circulation, and body temperature.

2. Has antibiotic and sterilizing properties

Many people wearing silver jewelry say that they have more resistance to flu/cold symptoms, infection, algae, fungi, microbes, and any other viral and bacterial diseases. That is because silver has positively charged ions that bind the negatively charged bacterial oxygen receptors.

That is known as the oligodynamic effect of silver. This is the main reason why many manufacturers use metal when making medical devices and tools.

3. Has therapeutic benefits

Many doctors use silver in mental health and psychotherapy treatments. Jewelry like silver bracelets, silver spinners, and silver rings offer great assistance to all patients who seek anxiety relief.

There are also many Vedic compilations that say that silver has an association with the moon and planet Jupiter. Because of that, silver is believed to have a water-balancing property that calms your body during responses of worry, stress, and anxiety.

4. Acts as a protection against electromagnetic radiations

The oligodynamic and antibacterial benefits of silver are enhanced when there is an electrical field. Therefore, if you are wearing a silver ring, silver bracelet, or silver chain when using your laptop or phone, the silver helps protect your skin from any electromagnetic radiation emitted by the gadgets.

5. Helps protect you from harmful chemicals

Silver reacts to harmful chemicals and substances and, as a result, changes color. You can use that property to protect yourself from any substances that could harm your skin or that could be dangerous if you inhaled them.

It could also indicate toxicity levels in your body. For example, if you have too much sodium in the body, your silver jewelry will turn blue.

Seeing the wonderful health benefits you can get from silver, it is time you tried buying a piece of silver jewelry. There are many different types and styles you can choose from, so try them out until you find what works best for you.