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You Need To Try These Vibrators: Best Vibrators To Try Out In 2022

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There are plenty of benefits to having a vibrator on your nightstand: not only does it help you sleep better to have an orgasm before nodding off, but having a vibrator is also a great way to better understand your body and your desires.

If you’re single, having a vibrator is an easy way to keep the orgasms flowing even when you’re busy with work or simply too tired to go the manual route. If you’re in a relationship, a vibrator is a great way to spice up your sex life and experience the joys of intense, blended orgasms!

If you’ve never had a blended orgasm, you’re going to want to try it out! Enlist the help of some of the best vibrators in 2022 for mind-blowing blended orgasms.

Why buy a vibrator?

Owning a vibrator has many benefits, whether you’re single or in a relationship:

• Take control of your own pleasure
• Have regular, reliable orgasms
Make your sex life more interesting
• Explore new sensations, either alone or with a partner
• Orgasm more easily if you can’t orgasm from penetrative sex alone

Best Vibrators: Our top Picks for 2022

If you’re looking for the best vibrators but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up the best of the best to help you get to that big O, every time! Whether you love oral sex, G-spot stimulation, or even a little bit of backdoor action, we’ve selected the best vibrator for your needs.

Best Vibrators for: Oral Sex Simulation

If you love the sensation of oral sex, you’ll love what these oral sex simulators are capable of!

Womanizer Premium 2

Oral sex is naturally a top favorite when it comes to what women love in the bedroom. If you’re single and missing the feel of oral sex, did you know that you can simply replicate the sensation with the right sex toys? enlist the help of the Womanizer Premium 2! This innovative toy massages the air to stimulate the feeling of oral sex: simply close your eyes, place it above your clitoris and you’ll find it hard to believe that it’s not the real thing.

Baci by Lora DiCarlo

The Baci by Lora DiCarlo is similar to the Womanizer 2: using airflow technology, the Baci (which is Italian for “Kiss”) stimulates the clitoris and surrounding vulva area, delivering powerful clitoral orgasms. It might be a little pricey, but who can put a price on the most powerful orgasm you’ve probably ever had from a sex toy?

Best Vibrators for: Couple’s Use

If you want to incorporate a fun vibrator into your sex life with your partner, these are our top sex toys for some double trouble fun:

Dame Eva

Dame Eva is a nifty little vibrator and ideal for heterosexual couples. It’s common knowledge that many cis women are unable to orgasm from penetrative sex alone, with most needing the help of some clitoral stimulation to get them to that big O. This is where Dame Eva comes in! Compact and hands-free, Eva simply slides in between the two vulva walls and is placed over the clitoris. Eva comes with 3 power modes, so she can adapt as your intimacy evolves from foreplay to anything steamier.

Vibrating Butt Plug

You might be surprised that a butt plug is on our list – but here’s why! Butt plugs, when inserted into the anus, often make the vaginal canal constrict slightly as it reacts to the pressure. This makes the vagina tighter and penetration more intense for both partners – not to mention the fun aspect of double penetration. This Lovehoney 10-Function Vibrating Butt Plug is a great option for an anal beginner, and affordable enough to use as a starter toy to test out this fun fantasy.

Best Vibrators for: Powerful Solo Orgasms

If you’re single, your sex life still exists! Our sex lives don’t stop existing as soon as we have a partner – in fact, it’s during our single periods that we have the time to discover what we really need during intimacy. Here are our top picks for powerful, solo orgasms during masturbation:

Le Wand Petite Massage Wand

A wand massager is great when it comes to delivering powerful orgasms, as the large vibrating head can reach all the nerves and hot spots in the vulva and surrounding the clitoris. If you’re looking for a luxe pick for a wand massager that ticks all the boxes, Le Petite Massager by Le Wand is a powerful, cordless magic wand that will give you intense sensations wherever you place it on your body.

We-Vibe Tango X

This might be a bullet vibrator, but this little red lipstick packs a punch. While bullet sex toys tend to be weaker than regular vibrators, this vibrator – while small, compact and discreet enough to use during penetrative sex – comes with the rumbly, powerful motor to rival that of a wand massager.

The We-Vibe Tango X is a recent upgrade of the Original Tango, now complete with a silicone handle and even more powerful vibrations. Use this toy on your own for some OP solo sessions, or during sex for explosive, blended orgasms.

Best Vibrators for: G-spot Orgasms

Arc by Dame

The G-spot can often be elusive and difficult to find, but when you have the Arc G-Spot massager by Dame as your ally, it’s a piece of cake. This luxury, silicone vibrator curves and bends to caress your G-spot with its silky-smooth texture. Suitable for external and internal use, this luxury vibrator is firm but squishy enough to offer comfortable penetration. If you’re looking to have explosive G-spot orgasms, Arc is your ideal pick!

Lelo Gigi 2

This luxury toy is another treat for your G-spot: the Gigi 2 by Lelo features a double motor to give you double the power, double the fun and double the orgasms! Made with body-safe silicone, this vibrator will caress your G-spot with its curved, bulb tip and bring you quickly to a satisfying G-spot orgasm. The Gigi 2 isn’t one of the world’s number one best-selling sex toys for nothing!


Whether you’re a vibrator aficionado or you’re simply looking to buy your first ever toy, the vibrators we’ve listed above cover everything from couples use to anal play, so you’ll be sure to find something that makes you tick – and makes you orgasm!

Having a vibrator is a fun way to spice up your sex life whether you’re single or in a couple, but make sure to buy the right toys: you want to look for high-quality, multifunctional and long-term investments when it comes to sex toys. So get browsing, have fun – and don’t forget the lube!