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How To Efficiently Use Social Media For Your Local Business?

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Social media can either be a boon or a curse for your business; there’s no in-between. If you want it to be the former, you must follow some tips, including…

1. Create a social media marketing strategy

If you want to use social media platforms for your business, you must draft a plan first. So, start with creating a company page on platforms where your target audience hangs out the most. Now lay down the goals and do some research to create a solid strategy.

After this, you can post photos, videos, reels, etc. But if you upload random things on the business page, it will be a waste of time. So, instead, plan your content in advance and make sure each post is relatable.

Make sure to dive deep into what your competitors are up to and what kind of posts are getting more likes on their pages.

Take inspiration but never, I repeat, NEVER copy content. Instead, follow the business pages of the industry leaders to leverage trends. You must also create a social media calendar to help your team understand the future plans and be on the same page as you.

For example, on the calendar, you can mention that your page will have 80% entertaining content from January to August and 20% promotional posts. From September to December, 60% entertaining and 40% promotional.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while applying the strategy.

  • Be consistent on your page. Don’t post too many or too few posts in a day. It confuses your viewers and ultimately impacts your reach.
  • Depending upon the service or product, you must set the tone of your social media presence. For example, your posts should be motivational and enlightening if you sell menstrual cups. Any kind of dark meme can be harmful to your business. Whereas if you sell condoms, people will enjoy the light and funny stuff more.

2. Learn about your target audience

The most common mistake business owners tend to make is that they think every product is for everyone. No. It’s not. Every product/service has its own audience. So you have to find out which one is yours.

Use social media analytics tools to know your target audience and define a clear buyer persona with their age, salaries, preferences, etc. The more you learn about them, the more effective your social media game can be.

3. Solve the problems of your customers

There is a high chance that most of your customers use social media daily, so if they ever express concerns about your offerings out in the open – make sure to address them ASAP.

A prompt response shows that you care about your customers and value their feedback, whether positive or negative.

While replying, avoid continuing the conversation publicly. Instead, give the angry customers an email id to hear about their problems and resolve them privately. And, of course, if the review is positive, don’t shy away from walking the extra mile and rewarding the kind customer.

4. Generate high-quality leads through advanced targeting

Yes, you hear that right. Social media can help you generate high-quality leads and close them without a pitch. To do that, start posting visually appealing content with a sense of urgency. Use the several tools available for social media marketing, like Buzzsumo, Hootsuite, etc., to track your competitors and defeat them.

Other than that, hire an expert social media marketing agency who can help you in the process. If you pick the right one, the investment will be worth it.

5. Search for the best hashtags

You will be surprised to know that the right hashtags can boost your reach by multiple times. Run a quick competitor check to find out the most-used hashtags in your industry and take the help of the tools to identify the most-rewarding hashtags.

Over to you…

So these were a few organic ways to level up your social media game. There are several paid versions as well – like paid advertising and influencer marketing – both have immense benefits if done well. So, create your own formula for success and keep editing it along the way.