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30 Under the Table Jobs That Pay Well: Stay Off the Books

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Those looking for under the table jobs will be happy to hear that there’s quite a few to choose from. Such jobs are excellent for those who are looking to make quick cash and, more importantly, keep most of it to themselves. We’re living in a difficult time of economic turmoil, so every penny counts.

Why Even Look for Under the Table Jobs?

Most of us are looking for side hustles that will bring us a buck or two over our regular paycheck. We’re talking about odd jobs that we can do from time to time or more regularly, depending on our needs and availability. Or, you just need some extra cash while studying, so you can afford it on things you love instead of having constant thoughts like “I need to write my essay right now.”

Alternatively, some people are looking for steady, full-time employment that will pay them in cash or “off the books.”

No matter what we are looking for, we can all take comfort in the fact that there’s plenty of work out there for those who are willing to put in the energy to find it. Another reason people look for this type of job is that they want to keep privacy when consuming certain medications for health reasons. No formal employment contract means there’s no drug test for the job.

These types of jobs are easy to find when we know what we’re looking for. Some of them don’t require any skill or experience. Therefore, we can simply jump in, find our first client, and let word of mouth bring in the rest. However, others require either skill, some experience, or even a degree. People won’t hire us just because we say we need a job. So we need something more substantial to back us up.

Here are the best 30 jobs that will bring that extra dough we’re all chasing.

Under the Table Jobs Where We Don’t Need Experience or a Commercial Skill

1. Babysitting

As many of us who spent our glorious teenage years babysitting know, this job can be quite profitable. However, keep in mind that long-term care can bring in more money than a single few-hour babysitting session. Therefore, we should look for opportunities depending on our availability and, of course, how much cash we need (and how quickly we need it).

Clients will be easy to find, as we can scour Facebook groups or nanny sites to find people who need our services. The pay isn’t half bad either. At around $10 per hour, we can take home quite a lot of money. Don’t forget to entertain kids and educate them while spending your working day. During the interview, you can suggest to the parents a few activities, such as weather activities to teach children.

Of course, keep in mind that this side hustle often has odd working hours. While some parents need babysitters during regular office hours, others need them in the afternoons and evenings.

2. Caring for Elderly People

Much like babysitting, these under the table jobs are easy to find. This job is also excellent and has a lot of potential to grow. If one client finds us trustworthy to care for their most vulnerable family members, they will recommend us to their friends and family.

When it comes to elder care, we can look for jobs in various facilities or find some people who live alone or don’t have many relatives who’d visit them regularly and offer our help.

3. Pet Sitting and Other Types of Pet Care

Because many pet owners consider their pets to be family members, they won’t leave them just anywhere when they travel. That’s why pet sitting can be a lucrative side job. People are willing to pay good cash just so their plans won’t disturb their pet’s lives.

If we’re honest, it’s also one of the best jobs on our list. You literally get to spend your day with cute animals and get paid for it. However, if you’d like to turn your side job into a business, you can also offer pet sitting, walking, and grooming as a service.

4. Housesitting

Another job that holds a lot of responsibility but doesn’t include many tasks is housesitting. Some people don’t like to leave their homes empty while they travel or are away on business. What’s more, they also like to hire someone to not only keep an eye on their property but also maintain it.

If we’re lucky, we can find a steady housesitting job for someone who has a vacation home that they don’t visit often. Sure, it won’t be much of a payout, but we also won’t have to do much, and we’ll be free to take on another one (or a few) of under the table jobs to supplement our income.

5. Cleaning

Gone are the days when people cleaned their homes by themselves and took pride in it. In the modern, fast-paced capitalist world, time is money. What’s more, some people would rather spend their precious free time on (literally) anything other than cleaning. So why not cash in on that?

We don’t need any knowledge or skill to start our own cleaning business. We can, however, upgrade from simple, everyday cleaning to deep cleaning if we invest in specific equipment. Either way, we can make a buck or two or grow our client base and make this a regular full-time job.

6. Catering

Cooking and cleaning can go hand in hand, so if we’re good at both, we can merge this one and the previous job from our list. However, if you love cooking and you’re reasonably good at it, you can also consider starting a catering service from your own kitchen.

Catering is a difficult job — there’s no doubt about it, but all we need is one house party with guests that will swoon over our hors d‘oeuvres to launch a small catering service.

Most event organizers and party planners are willing to pay in cash for the food, especially for small parties. So whatever money is left after covering the initial cost of materials that went into food preparation is ours.

7. Produce Growing and Selling

Those of us with a green thumb and gardening space can cash in on the latest health craze over organic products. Although this side job requires quite a bit of time and energy, it’s also satisfactory both in terms of labor and money.

We can grow our own organic produce and sell it at farmer’s markets in the area or on a roadside stand. Alternatively, we can even set up an online shop and do fresh produce delivery.

8. Gardening and Landscaping

Everyone loves a beautiful yard, but not everyone has the time to maintain it. That’s why gardeners and landscapers are quite sought after. That is also a fantastic opportunity for those with a green thumb and a passion for gardening that don’t really have space or opportunity to plant and grow vegetables, flowers, and other plants.

Keep in mind that this under the table job is one of the seasonal ones. Maintaining someone’s garden or mowing their lawns and trimming their hedges isn’t exactly a winter activity.

9. House Repairs

Everyone needs a good handy person in their lives. You’d be somewhat surprised by how many of us don’t know how to repair simple things around the house. Broken water heaters, leaky faucets, squeaky hinges, and a bucket load of other stuff around the house can be either a small nuisance or a huge issue.

If we know what to do with those, we can be our neighborhood’s friendly repair person. These odd jobs don’t pay much, but we’ll get cold, hard cash for them. What’s more, word of mouth might make us the hottest commodity in our area.

10. Snow Shoveling and Cleaning

This side hustle is a perfect way to supplement income during winter months. A lot of people don’t have the time or the ability to shovel their own driveways and walk-ups. Older people especially are always on the lookout for someone who can save them from a potential broken hip and brave the slippery driveway instead of them.

We recommend pairing up gardening and landscaping with this job. You can maintain your regular customers throughout the entire year if you do.

11. Artisan Jobs

Those of us who have a couple of creative bones in our bodies can try one of the crafty under the table jobs. Here’s the thing — if you can make anything, and we do mean anything, then you can earn a bit of cash on the side. There are buyers for any product; you just have to find them.

So can you make jewelry? Pins and badges? Print T-shirts with funny slogans? Can you make to-die-for applesauce? Or jellies and jams that are out of this world?

If so, then you have a good chance of earning money at a Farmer’s Market. You can really sell anything there — all you need is a stand. Add your design ideas to the design system of GS-JJ.com, an online promotional item producer, to customize personalized buttons, keychains, patches, lapel pins, stickers, and more. They are easy to store and inexpensive. You can make custom pins cheap at GS-JJ.com. So this beautiful and unique product is the first choice of many artisans.


What’s more, if you put in some extra work on labels and marketing, you can make a profitable business out of your hobby.

12. House Painter

When it comes to under the table jobs, we suggest finding a couple of them that go well together. For example, we can pair up repair services with gardening and landscaping. All we really need to make money as a house painter is a bit of skill and a vehicle (preferably a truck) that will allow us to transport equipment.

The beauty of this side hustle is that we can score both small, odd jobs and big ones. Sometimes, a client will ask us to paint a room, and we’ll be done in a day. Other times, they’ll ask us to do the painting following a home remodel and cha-ching! They’ll make it rain cash!

13. Construction

Construction is one of the more common under the table jobs. We don’t need a lot of experience to get into this field, but if we find someone to teach us, we can eventually learn a really profitable skill.

Under the Table Jobs Where We Need Either a Skill or Some Experience in the Field

14. Personal Trainer

In terms of skill, training is one of those under the table jobs that don’t require much, to be honest. We do need extensive knowledge of how the human body works and how to train it properly. The good news is that those of us who are “fitness freaks” already know all that. So why not cash in on it?

Getting a job as a personal trainer should be easiest at our local gym. However, we can also offer house calls to people who might be interested in private lessons.

Moreover, if you’re handy with online streams and camming sites, you can also organize online training, where people will sign in for private lessons from you.

15. Instructor

Any skill we have is teachable and, therefore, profitable. Those of us who know how to play an instrument or know a foreign language or dance with passion and skill that are enviable can teach others to do the same.

So giving private dance lessons (be it modern dance, tango, ballet, or any other type we may know), as well as yoga classes, can be our window to a whole new world (of making cash).

16. Tutoring

We all know someone who struggled in school. Heck, some of us were those kids! So we all remember tutors, right? Why not be one? Tutoring can bring in a lot of extra money, especially for those of us who are good in multiple fields. Becoming a science, language, maths tutor, or other subject tutors like history or geography can bring us some tutor cash.

Preply tutoring is also an excellent job for those who are too young to take on any other job that’s on the up-and-up. Another benefit of this sort of work is the flexible hours. We don’t have to have a fixed schedule, and we can make this job work around other obligations (such as school or a second and third job).

17. English as a Second Language Teacher

Teaching English to non-native speakers can be a promising career to make money online. There are quite a few platforms out there that will hook us up with foreigners who know little to no English.

Although we don’t need a lot of experience for this job (since we’re speaking our native tongue), we still classified this line of work as one of under the table jobs that require skills because it usually involves working with kids. Therefore, we do need some creativity and patience to execute it correctly.

If you know a second language or you’re bilingual, you can work as an ESL teacher with adults in your area. For example, those of us who are fluent in Español can teach adult immigrants and help them find their way around a new, foreign language.

18. Carpentry and Upholstery

Another job that requires some creativity and skill, repurposing old furniture can be something we do on the weekends or in the evenings after work. It’s a fantastic way to make off-the-books cash while also having a creative outlet for ourselves.

However, we do need some space and tools to be good at this job.

19. Bicycle Courier or a Driver

If you know how to ride a bike, you can easily get a job as a courier. That’s really the only skill you need, aside from having a knack for getting around town and memorizing streets.

Alternatively, if you have a truck or a bigger vehicle, you can work as an independent mover. This side job is particularly suitable for those of us who live around universities. Kids moving to college or transferring from dorm to dorm (or an apartment) usually don’t have the means to move their stuff themselves or hire an expensive moving company. So you can swoop in and offer to do it for quick cash.

You can also utilize your driving skills by getting a side job as a Lyft or Uber driver.

20. Photography

To be a freelance photographer, all we need is a keen eye for details and a semi-professional camera. A lot of people hire freelance photographers to avoid exorbitant fees that professional services charge.

We do need to do a bit of marketing and self-promotion to get our photography business up and running. For example, we need a website or at least a Facebook page that will show off our previous work.

Freelance photographers really have a lot of opportunities to make a little extra money. They can photograph weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, family portraits, etc. Not to mention, photographers can get a gig at a nightclub or a few to take pictures of their patrons having fun. This option is excellent for those of us who are only free in the evenings due to other obligations (or other jobs).

21. Hair and Makeup Stylist

Doing hair and makeup at home (or going to other people’s homes) is an excellent opportunity to earn money. People who are on a tight budget will always rather choose an at-home stylist than going to an expensive salon.

Therefore, those of us who can cut and color hair and do other people’s makeup without making any of their clients weep from sheer despair can start a business with very little investment. However, keep in mind that as your client base grows, you will need to buy more makeup as well as equipment. Not everyone wears the same foundation shade, and you don’t want to end up as your town’s worst-reviewed stylist.

22. Musician

Those of us with a stellar voice or an ability to carry a tune can work as street performers or one-person bands and get gigs at cafés and clubs. Alternatively, if you know how to play an instrument, you can find a band that’s missing a key member (you!).

Street performing is a cash-only job, and it’s an excellent way to get people to hear your music. So it’s a one-stone-two-birds type of a situation since it’s a unique opportunity for striving musicians.

Alternatively, you can also work as a DJ for private parties and other events. In that case, you’ll have to invest in specific equipment, but if you make a name for yourself in your area, you’ll be able to make more than a simple buck or two.

23. Freelance Tattoo Artist

Talented artists can cash in on their skill by learning the craft of tattooing. The equipment is somewhat pricey, and we really need to be careful about hygiene and overall health issues. However, good tattoo artists can earn a lot without having to work every day.

If you have this skill, you can either run a tattoo business from your home or can work as a cash-only freelance tattoo artist. Check out local tattoo shops and see if you can rent a chair. If you’re hefty with social media, you can self-promote and gain a following. People who like your work will follow you from shop to shop, and you won’t have to worry about working out of your house (which isn’t the most professional way to go about it anyway).

Under the Table Jobs Where We Need a Degree or a Higher Comercial Skill

24. Writing, Editing, and Proofreading

If writing is your passion or you’re just fairly good at it, you can find online content agencies that are looking for freelance writers. Those of us with a higher skill or knowledge of the English language can also work as editors and proofreaders.

This side hustle is an excellent one. As far as under the table jobs go, this is one of the better ones because you can work from home. What’s more, as long as you’re meeting set deadlines, you can organize your working day in any way you please.

Some experience, a degree, or a stellar portfolio will help you with finding gigs with high payouts. However, if you’re lucky, you can find low-paying jobs even if you don’t have anything other than the fact that you write well.

25. Interpreting and Translating

Those of us lucky enough to be fluent in more than one language can cash in on that skill by getting a side gig as an interpreter or a translator. There’s a lot of work in this field. We can translate legal and medical documents or even something that’s more low-key and doesn’t require precise translation.

We can also do simultaneous translating for businesses that often have foreign-language speakers as partners or guests.

Knowing a second or third language can also help us with other under the table jobs. We can tutor people who don’t speak English or work as their instructors.

26. Affiliate Marketing Online

There are a lot of people making money online. Therefore, the affiliate marketing field is quite saturated. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make any money in it.

We categorized this job in the “higher skills” section because we do need knowledge of e-commerce and online marketing to be successful. However, even if we don’t know how to go about affiliate marketing, we can easily find out. Why waste an opportunity to make some money from home, right?

Check out GS-JJ.com, they are a professional promotional gift maker, luckily they have an affiliate marketing program and many bloggers profit from it. If you want, try it!

27. Programmer

Being a programmer is more of a fulltime job than a side hustle. However, it is an attractive off-the-books job (and a well-paying one at that!). If you have coding skills or know a programming language or a few, you can earn a lot of money under the table. Coding, programming, and software and web development are currently hot commodities on the job market.

A good programmer will never go hungry. Private companies (both small businesses and huge enterprises) need programmers and other IT administrative staff. As long as you have the necessary skill, you don’t need a degree. And if you don’t have the skill, you can always learn it. After all, most programmers got their knowledge by digging around by themselves. It will be a trial-and-error type of learning experience, but it will give a hefty payout sooner or later.

28. Graphic and Sound Design

Graphic, web, and sound design require a lot of skill. However, they also offer a chance to work from home and with a flexible schedule. Furthermore, these are highly paid positions, even for freelancers who are hired on a project basis.

The great thing about all under the table jobs that are internet-based is that we’re not limited to the clientele from our area. As a designer, be it web, graphic, or sound, we can have clients anywhere in the world. What’s more, they aren’t that difficult to come by. All we need to do is look for businesses that are just starting out or offer our service on one of the many IT-specific job platforms.

29. Computer Data Recovery and Repairs

Those of us who know our way around both hardware and software might be in for a treat. Since we live in an age where everything we own and hold dear is digitized and stored carefully on our computers, when a computer crashes, we’re willing to pay a lot of money to restore data.

A damaged computer or a hard drive isn’t that difficult to repair. All we really need is good equipment and knowledge. Therefore, if we have those, finding clients won’t be demanding.

30. Engine Repair

A good mechanic is always in demand. People mostly recommend mechanics to their friends and family, so once we get that ball rolling, we won’t be hurting for cash. As a mechanic, we can do extensive repair work or specialize in specific engines.

For example, those who live near large bodies of water can specialize in marine engine repair. Waterfront cities and towns usually have a lot of boats and other engine-run waterborne vehicles.

A Few Parting Words

Now that we know what the best under the table jobs are, the world is our oyster! For those wondering if networking and word of mouth are the only ways to get an extra few bucks, rest easy. We can scour the internet and find plenty of listings for any of the 30 jobs on our list.

Try your luck on CraigsList, UpWork, Fiverr, and other job websites to see if anything tickles your fancy. Depending on how much money we need and how long we plan on working one of these under the table jobs, our pursuit might last a while.

If you’ve been looking for a while, don’t give up! You’ll surely find something that meets all your needs. Just remember — to find (and keep) a job, we should always be polite, professional, and, of course, ready to put in the work.