transforming nursery into toddler room

Transforming Your Nursery Into A Toddler Room

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Unlike your nursery decorations, where you went off based on your tastes and aesthetics, decorating your toddler’s room is a whole different ball game. As your bundle of joy grows into a toddler, their personality starts to come through, and they’re more likely to have a few things to say about their ideal bedroom.

This means designing it with their likes in mind to make the room reflect your little lady or little man’s favorite things. Here are a few tips on transforming your nursery into a toddler room.

Tips For Designing Your Toddler’s Room

Being a toddler parent is an exciting time since this is the period when your little bundle of joy wants to exercise their independence and freedom!

They’ll most likely have several ideas about their rooms! It’s entirely up to you to decide how many changes you’ll make. You could opt to keep to the nursery theme and only switch out a few pieces of furniture or change the room completely! In any case, you’ll have to think about a few key things:

1. Themed Toddler Beds

One of the most important changes you’ll need to make is transitioning from the baby crib to a big boy or little lady bed. If your toddler has a cartoon franchise they’re into, consider getting them a themed bed with that cartoon in mind or a big kid bed from B2C Furniture’s kids beds. This could serve as the main focus of the themed room, be it a toy story bed or a princess throne.

Adjusting the bed first could help make decorating the rest of the room even easier. Listen to what show they’ve been raving about and surprise them with the ideal theme, or take them with you to choose the bed they’ll love! You could also throw in fitting sheets and pillowcases with the same theme.

2. Add Color

As kids grow, they need to be in an environment that stimulates them. That means incorporating colors and fun things, not the earth tones and pastels mommy might be more attracted to.

You’ll need to come to terms with a little truth now that you’re a toddler parent to a little human with many opinions: those opinions change. A lot!

That means choosing bold colors like reds might be cool for one season until they decide that they’re into green now. So you’ll have to decide whether you want to install a colorful wallpaper or choose a specific color palette that they’re more likely to grow with.

3. Create Art Together That You Can Frame

It’s a lot of fun and inspiration to paint with your child. Why not make some lovely butterfly structures, some free-spirited hands, and footprints, or wherever your toddler’s imagination takes them. These could make fun additions to their room and make it “theirs” in more ways than one.

4. Design A Cool Hidden Space

I have a toddler. They enjoy playing and listening to stories. Make a collapsible fort for them to play in or incorporate a comfortable couch; both of you can snuggle up when you read to them. This would also be fun to run wild as they play treasure hunting games!

5. Set Up Stations

Children are more likely to keep themselves entertained if their belongings are readily available and accessible. And because most parents don’t want to have toys scattered all over the house, they insist on making sure they’re kept in the kid’s room. An effective way to do this would be to divide your toddler’s room into “stations”.

Stack things together in a way that your toddler can still access them. Fit the box with their coloring books and crayons under the table. If you can position this next to the wall where their “art” has been posted, then voila! You have an art station.

If you keep their books stacked together somewhere near a couch, you could make this the reading area.

6. Include A Height Ruler

Your toddler’s room is incomplete if you haven’t installed a meter rule to track your child’s growth over time. There are numerous fun and interesting ways to measure and keep track of your toddler’s height. You can find measuring rulers in online stores, ranging from decals to posters.

7. Bedding, Duvet Covers, And Decor

Take your child along with you when you shop for fresh bed linens for their toddler room. That way, the two of you could settle for the theme they’ll like. Choosing their bedding and graphic wallpaper will make your little one feel grown up!

8. To Keep Things Safe, Use High-Shelving

To keep the room from becoming too crowded with toys and your kid’s things, you could only display the things they often use and keep special pieces like framed pictures and fragile pieces away.

Investing in a high shelf, they can’t reach but can still display all the precious items out of their curious hands could be a great idea to preserve those items. You don’t have to stress about things getting messed up or broken.

9. Namesake Decor

This is the age where your child is likely fascinated with their name as they might only have just learned to write it themselves. Getting decorations with their name could aid in their development as well. This doesn’t have to be dramatic: getting a printed pillowcase or hanging wooden frame could be a nice touch.

Allowing your child to become acquainted with their name is beneficial to their development. You don’t have to go overboard, but having their name on their bedroom door in large wooden letters or on a t-shirt is a nice touch.

10. Bunk Beds Are Entertaining

As your child grows older, they will most likely ask friends around for sleepovers. Switching up their single crib with an adventurous climbing bunk bed tower might be enjoyable while providing an extra bed for visitors. Bunk beds may also be used to store additional toys and reading materials.

11. Upgrade Your Baby Mobile To A Beautiful Light Fixture Or Ceiling Mural

Hanging toddler mobiles or homemade lighting are great for stimulating your child’s young mind while they sleep or wake up to the world. There is no better way to soothe your youngster than to have them fall asleep to the gentle spinning of rockets or butterflies.

Embrace The Magic

It’s still a children’s room! Remember when you were a kid and had your room, your special place? I don’t want to lord over my children’s personalities and independence at this age, no matter how much power I have over them.

Try to make it fun by hanging twinkle lights and fun, age-appropriate decor pieces a younger you would have enjoyed. And remember, toddler years don’t last long, so it’s best not to commit to one idea. By the time they’re in junior school, they’ll be into something different, and you’ll need to redecorate once more!