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Top 5 Sites to Buy X Followers That Stay Forever

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With 450 million monthly users, X is one of the most popular social media platforms. This is why it is one of the best platforms to build your brand. However, if you are serious about getting noticed on X, you will need to have a large following. Unfortunately, getting X followers isn’t easy.

If you are finding it hard to grow your following, consider buying X followers. However, you should ensure that you only buy real followers with active accounts. These kinds of followers will stay forever and will not cause the flagging of your account.

Why You  Should Buy X Followers

Here are some great reasons to consider buying followers from X.

Increase your engagement

The more followers you have on X, the higher the engagement level. If you buy real followers with active accounts, you will see more engagement on your X account. 

Become more popular

With more followers on X, you will gain traction and become more popular on the platform.

Grow organically

When you buy followers, they will share your posts, helping with the organic growth of your account.

5 Best Sites to Buy X Followers

 For the best results, you should only buy X followers from one of these sites:



After comparing tens of sites, we can conclusively say that SocialWick is the best site to buy X followers. The site prioritizes user satisfaction, delivering real people with active accounts. Therefore, you can be assured of X users interacting with your account. Since they source from organic accounts, you are assured that the growth will be sustainable, and you will not see a drop after some time.

Despite the high-quality followers sold by SocialWick, they have some of the most affordable prices in the market. You can buy ten followers for as little as $0.24. Besides, they deliver all followers fast but gradually. You do not need to provide a password to buy followers. The site is well-secured to ensure your payment information remains safe.


  • Followers with active accounts
  • Followers don’t drop
  • Good customer service
  • Affordable prices


  • No free trial period

SocialWick has sold millions of followers for different social media sites but still has thousands of great reviews. While their followers don’t drop, they offer a guarantee of a 60-day refill. You can check out their packages at



SubscriberZ is reputed for selling premium-quality X followers that will interact with your account. The site sells targeted followers in your niche at a budget-friendly price.  Once you order from them, you can be assured of fast delivery, guaranteeing instant results. However, the site also delivers gradually to prevent the flagging of your X account.

With over six years of experience providing X followers, SubscriberZ understands what is needed to grow your account in an organic-like way. This is why they still have thousands of positive reviews from their previous customers. All orders from SubscriberZ come with a refill guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that your numbers won’t drop.


  • High-quality followers
  • Followers don’t drop
  • Good customer service
  • A refill guarantee


  • The site isn’t user-friendly

Many users of SubscriberZ are happy that they have a responsive customer service. Besides, the site also takes the security of users seriously. You don’t need to enter a password to buy X followers, and all purchases are kept discreet. The site is also secured using SSL technology to keep your data safe. To try out their packages, you can visit



SocialGreg uses the latest technology and its vast network of followers to deliver premium quality likes from real accounts that will help you grow organically. They promote your content to followers interested in content similar to yours. With followers from SocialGreg, you will buy followers and build a community to interact with and support your brand.

SocialGreg also focuses on the long-term growth of your X account. The followers you get from the site aren’t just temporary numbers that will vanish from your site after some time. They are real people who will like, share, and comment on your posts. As proof of their commitment to providing real followers, they offer a free 60-day refill guarantee.


  • Premium quality followers
  • A refill guarantee
  • It doesn’t require a password
  • Great customer service


  • No live chat feature

While SocialGreg doesn’t have a live chat feature, they have super responsive customer service, always there to respond to your queries. The platform has different packages to meet different user’s needs. You can buy as few as ten followers or as many as 100,000 followers. To get real organic traffic from real followers from SocialGreg, visit



One thing we liked about ViralHQ is that it has a straightforward ordering process. All you need to do is enter an X channel link. You can then choose the number of followers you need, and you will have them delivered to your posts. You do not need to share your X account to order from their site.

ViralHQ also promises to deliver X followers fast.  While this is fine, they would have done better by delivering the followers gradually to prevent a sudden spike in the number of followers that may cause the flagging of your account. The site also responds to inquiries within  24 hours, which is considerably good.


  • Fast delivery of followers
  • Easy-to-use site


  • Followers reduce after sometime

While ViralHQ looks like an excellent site for buying X followers, some users have suggested that the followers drop after some time. This could be an indication that they sell fake followers. Therefore, we recommend doing further research before ordering.



SidesMedia has been in the market for some time, delivering a wide range of social media services, including X followers. While we couldn’t independently verify the quality of followers, they also claim to sell real followers with active accounts. The site’s reviews are mixed online, with some users happy with their services while others suggest they sell fake followers.

Ordering on SidesMedia is easy. Just enter the number of followers you need. You will be provided with the price. Once you pay, they will start delivering the followers within a few hours. The site has a wide range of affordable packages. They also offer a refill guarantee once your followers drop.


  • Fast delivery of followers
  • Seamless ordering process


  • Mixed reviews on the quality of followers
  • Users tend to drop after some time

While Sidesmedia has been in the industry for a long time, there is no evidence that it delivers real followers.

FAQs on Best Sites to Buy X Followers

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on the best sites to buy X followers:

What is the most legit site for buying X followers?

According to our research, SocialWick is the best site for buying X followers. This is because they sell premium quality followers at an affordable price.

Is it possible to buy real X followers?

Yes. You can buy real followers on sites such as SocialWick, SocialGreg, and SubscriberZ.

How much does it cost to buy X followers?

This depends on the site you are buying from. You can pay as little as $0.49 for ten followers on SocialWick.


Buying X followers is the easiest way of giving your X account that much-needed bump. However, the quality of followers you get will depend on where you buy from. If you order from scam sites, you will get fake followers, which may cause flagging or suspension of your account.

If you need genuine X followers who will like, share, and comment on your posts, we recommend buying from SocialWick, SocialGreg, or SubscriberZ. These sites deliver high-quality followers, have excellent customer service, and are entirely secure to order from.

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