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9 Useful Tips For The Behavior Of A Novice Driver In A Big City

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If you, a new driver, are moving to a new city, you will most likely encounter difficulties while driving in it. Exploring the streets of the city may take more than one month, but in the end, you will find “your” routes.

In this publication, we share our tips on how to get rid of embarrassing situations on the road.

1. Choose your car carefully

We advise a novice driver to give preference to a compact car, instead of a large SUV. This will not only make your journey easier but also save fuel costs.

If by the will of fate you suddenly moved to Dubai, then the rental service can help you in choosing a car. Choose a car for rent directly on the website, study reasonable prices and rental conditions, and organize a “test drive” to choose the best for yourself and not make a mistake when buying a personal car. Car rental service in this regard can always help out!

2. Be prepared for mistakes

Dense traffic, ignorance of the streets and not always friendly drivers can make driving difficult even for an experienced motorist. Let’s be honest, making mistakes, especially in the first few months of driving, is normal.

Rush hour is not the best time to test your driving skills. It will be difficult for you to navigate in heavy traffic. Instead, stick to off-peak driving to get a feel for the city.

3. Plan your route ahead of time

Before getting into the car, check the route in advance in the GPS navigator of your car or a map on your phone. This will calm your nerves and help you calmly reach your destination. Planning ahead for convenient car rental dubai airport pick up will make your commute far less stressful.

4. Minimize distractions

Turn down the music and don’t read text messages. It is important to minimize distractions wherever you are.

5. Show courtesy

If the rules require the passage of cars moving on the intersecting road, then this must be done. You can not sharply wedge into the general flow.

Some drivers will obviously not like the audacity of such a road user and may simply not be allowed to pass. This will only increase the risk of an accident.

6. Keep calm

On the road, it is extremely important to keep your cool, especially when driving. In addition, you need to know how to deal with aggressive drivers. If your car suddenly stops in the middle of a lane and you hear someone continuously honking, try to control yourself.

Better not to pay attention to the signals of cars driven by homegrown Schumachers. You need to learn how to manage your emotions. It will be much more difficult to improve health after an accident.

7. Be vigilant and observant

Whether you are driving in a “vacant” or “congested” lane, always be on the lookout for what’s going on around you and your vehicle. Professional drivers call this peripheral vision.

8. Safety first

Experienced motorists have a rule according to which all doubts must be resolved in favor of safety. If the driver is not sure that they will be able to slip somewhere into the resulting “window”, you should wait for a more favorable situation on the road.

9. Do not store valuables in the car

Sunglasses, laptops, smartphones – leaving valuables in the car is not a good idea. Expensive items in plain sight can be seen and stolen. It is better to take valuable items with you. And if you leave them in the car, then try to hide from the eyes of intruders.


Drivers are not born, they are made! Time, patience, and practice will help you become a professional driver in a big city. We hope the above tips will help you become a confident and safe motorist.