choosing gifts for men

Top 12 Tips For Choosing Gifts For Men

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You’ll hear it all the time, especially from the ladies: “It’s so hard choosing gifts for men!” The truth is that choosing a really thoughtful gift for anyone means knowing something about their interests. Armed with this information, narrowing down your gift choices becomes a breeze. So, with men and their many roles in mind, let’s look at some tips for choosing gifts they’ll love.

1. The Veteran

Time spent in the military can be very tough indeed. Nonetheless, it’s a life stage that many former military men reminisce about with fondness. Does he talk proudly about his career as a marine and often hark back to the people and places where he was active? Marine shirts could be just the thing to bring a smile to his face. Whether it’s the army, the air force, or the navy, you’ll be able to find items that reflect on his military history.

2. The Outdoorsman

Some men are never happier than when they’re out in the mountains or woods testing their survival skills and equipment. If camping, outdoor cooking, mountain climbing, or hunting are on his list of favorite things to do, there’s a whole list of possible gifts he’ll enjoy. If you’re not currently sure what his outdoor kit consists of, go for something unusual but useful. Still stuck? A well-crafted pocket knife is always welcome!

3. Mr. Gadget

Does he love showing you his latest gadgets and tech? If so, you’re onto a lead that will help you to choose a cool gift. Your main challenge will be looking for gaps in his gadgetry that you can fill affordably. A cheap gadget that creates 3-D illusions fits the lower budget scale and if you have a little more to spend, you could explore robotics-related gifts. Alternatively, if you’ve spotted a missing item in his collection of gadgets, now’s your chance to fill it!

4. The Sports Fan

Weekends see him glued to the TV cheering on his favorite team. He knows the names and histories of all the players, and he’s always ready to talk sport. Choose fan gear that demonstrates his sporting loyalties. Every team has its associated merch, so finding the right gift is going to be super-easy to do. From keychains to caps and from drinking glasses to pennants, there are tons of items that reflect his sporting loyalties.

5. The DIYer

There’s nothing he likes more than rolling up his sleeves and tackling DIY projects. Though it might look like hard work to you, he derives enormous enjoyment from making and repairing things around the house. Try to get a look at his toolkit to see whether you can supplement it. Failing that, unusual items like a magnetic wristband that can hold screws or nails could be a fun choice that he’s unlikely to own already.

Remember that your man is a DIYer, and he would most likely do his own repair work on his car. He would do the engine work and the paint job as well. You should buy him a car repair toolbox and a touch-up paint kit, for scratches. With these tools, your man will no longer need to go to the car shop on a frequent basis. He could just use the toolkit for car maintenance. Should his car get scratched, he could make rudimentary paint repairs right away.

The most important thing about being a DIYer is to be as prepared as possible. Remember though that even if your man is a skilled DIYer, he should still bring his car to the repair shop at least once a year. This will enable him to do a more thorough check-up on his car, and avoid more costly repairs in the future.

6. The Adrenaline Or Fitness Junkie

Abseiling, white water rafting, skydiving, bungee jumping: if there’s an adrenaline boost, he’s up for it! Gifting an experience he won’t forget could be the best thing you ever did for him. Find out about extreme adventures available in his area and consider buying yourself a ticket too. Leave it open-ended so that he can pick the date that suits him best. He’ll have a blast!

Is fitness his main drive? If he doesn’t yet have a smart watch, it could be just the thing for him. Or perhaps you’d find a simple massage device more affordable. He’s sure to appreciate it on those days when his muscles are feeling the strain.

7. One Of The Boys

Hanging out with his male friends is his way to relax. He loves to entertain! His man-cave is stocked with games, and entertainments for the boys, and there’s definitely a bar where they can enjoy convivial times.

Knowing this, there’s no reason to be uninspired when it comes to choosing a gift. Whether it’s good liquor gift sets, a bottle of bourbon or a new playstation game he can enjoy with friends, a set of shot glasses or a potentially rowdy board game, inspiration for your gift is only a thought away. ,

8. Mr Sleek And Stylish

He always looks perfectly groomed and precise. There’s never a hair out of place, and his clothing choices, though understated, reflect the very best in men’s fashion. There’s good news for you! Tie pins and cufflinks are back in a big way, and as long as you choose quality, he’s going to be thrilled. If you decide that you don’t understand his taste well enough, you can always opt for a gift voucher from a brand or store he supports.

9. The Motoring Enthusiast Or Biker

This man loves his car or motorbike. Whenever he can, he’s heading for the open road, and his conversation is peppered with references to his vehicle’s capabilities and specs. Gift ideas? You’re sorted! From cams to record his exploits to travel mugs and toolkits, there’s no shortage of accessories that celebrate his passion.

10. The Foodie

The kitchen has an irresistible attraction for him. He not only emulates the achievements of master chefs, but gets creative with his own signature dishes. To him, creating the most irresistible food is as important as the enjoyment he gets from watching others enjoy it. Fine wines are an obvious gift choice, but you might want to get more creative. From automatic pot stirrers to aprons with humorous slogans, you’re sure to find a gift he’ll love.

11. The Urban Farmer

He may live in the suburbs, but he loves spending time in his food garden. Shop for seeds! There are some amazing and unusual food crops he’ll enjoy trying out. To give you an idea, multicolored tomatoes, pure white beets, and purple carrots are just a few of the remarkable varieties you can find if you shop around.

12. The Music Fan

Wherever he goes, he takes his music with him. It’s the soundtrack to his life and he has firm ideas about what’s worth listening to. Bluetooth headphones that can cancel out external noise, or bluetooth speakers could be an option. Perhaps you could look at vouchers that allow him to download his favorite tracks or get waterproof sound equipment that makes singing in the shower superfluous.

Know What Matters; Choose What Matches

It’s no surprise that getting thoughtful gifts implies spending some time thinking about the different facets of the recipient’s personality, tastes, and interests. We’ve covered several possible options, but you might think of even more.

Whether or not we’ve pinpointed interests that male friends and family members may enjoy, the principle holds true. Choosing gifts means narrowing down the options, and the best way to do that is to think about the person who you hope to please so that you can select a gift they’ll be delighted to have.