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How to Take Good Instagram Photos: 4 Basic Tips

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Instagram is the world’s third most popular social media platform with over 1.4 billion users, and many people love to spend their spare time browsing this site for photos. If you post great images that people will view, it’s even possible to make significant amounts of money.

But do you know how to take good Instagram photos that can stand out on this crowded platform? If you’re going to rise above the noise and gain new followers it’s essential to add unique photos to your page that instantly grab viewers’ attention.

Although this can be challenging, you can use 4 simple tips to improve your Instagram photos and attract new subscribers.

Make yourself comfortable while we learn more. 

1. Make Use of Natural Light

One of the best photo editing tips is to use natural light. A flash can make your image subject look washed out, whereas organic light can add richness and vibrancy to your photos. If you are taking photos in dark environments, look for other sources of light such as street lights rather than using a flash.

2. Change Your Vantage Point

The best Instagram photos captivate and intrigue users who are scrolling through potentially thousands of images in a short space of time. To get people to stop and look at your images, provide them with an original viewpoint.

For example, there may be a plethora of photos of plants on Instagram, so you could take a photo of your shrubbery from a bird’s eye view angle, or from underneath. This can draw viewers in and make them want to see more of your photography. 

3. Make Your Photos Personal

If you are looking for extra Instagram tips to increase engagement with your photos, then you should consider adding a personal element. Instagrammers like to get to know the person they are following, and you can appear in your images to help people feel more connected to your profile.

Even if you don’t like to be in selfies, you could hold an object and show your hand in the photo to include a personal touch.

4. Don’t Forget About Your Background

Taking a photograph is only one aspect of posting on Instagram, you also need to know how to edit photos. For example, you could learn how to crop unwanted objects out of your images, and use a background remover if you’d prefer to highlight the main subject of your photo even more. 

Once you understand how to use these software types you can enhance each photo you take before you post it on your account. 

Learning How to Take Good Instagram Photos Can Be Easy

When you know how to take good Instagram photos your images can help you gain plenty of new followers and potentially earn extra income. Using natural light can make your photos look amazing, and providing an unusual perspective can also engage your audience. In addition, adding a personal touch and ensuring your photo doesn’t have any unwanted elements in the frame can be effective.

While it can take time to build a social media following, taking excellent photos is a step in the right direction.

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