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How Can You Stop The Workplace Bullying? The Complete Guide

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Bullying, which may take the form of behavioral, verbal, mental, or physical violence, has become all too widespread. As per the Occupational Discrimination Institute, 19 percent of people in the United States are harassed at work, affecting 60.3 million staff.

Just four percent of the 1,229 people who responded to a poll on workplace discrimination said they had never been harassed; this indicates that 96 percent of people had been bullied at work.

And, if you believe bullying only occurs with people in positions of authority, such as a manager or a supervisor, you’re mistaken. In the same poll, 25% of participants said that they had been intimidated.

Read this guide if you are dealing with workplace bullying & looking for a way to stop it;

What Does Bullying in the Workplace Look Like?

Bullies will act out in various ways, just like there are various ways to be respectful to colleagues. Bullying encompasses a wide variety of attitudes, some of which we should understand right away:

  • chastising
  • rudeness
  • Uncooperativeness & forcefulness
  • Accusations
  • Threats

How to Handle a Bully?

If you are ready to show some bravery, you can deal with bullies and change their behavior. You must, however, take action.

The bully wouldn’t go away if you find yourself an open prey; in fact, making yourself an open scapegoat will only serve to inspire the bully. By tolerating the bully’s behavior, you encourage the bully to maintain his or her heinous conduct.

This is how to deal with workplace bully in the most productive way possible, with the aim of creating a bully-free office. You’ve got this.

Set boundaries on how much you’ll tolerate a bully.

Most notably, if you’ve mentally established a cap, use your right to order the abuser to stop. You may want to practice these measures with a friend so you’ll be more confident when the bully threatens you.

Define the bully’s behavior

Don’t share your thoughts or sensationalize; just explain what you see. To the tyrant, do not even say you’re cruel and rude to me. When you’re referring to a tyrant, this is a pointless analysis.

Keep track

Keep track of all bullying cases, including the identity of the harasser, their status within the organization, and the sort of bullying they are perpetrating against you.

Be precise about the hours, days, and places of the event, as well as the details of any witnesses. In general, collect as many facts and evidence as possible, which will only benefit the case.

Get witnesses

Speak with your coworkers to ensure that they can support you by substantiating your proof. If you’re being intimidated or insulted, likely, others are as well. So join forces and assist one another.

Complaint to the Boss

Discuss the situation with your boss or an Hr manager; bring the case report and any references with you.

Follow up

Be sure you follow through with your report; the very last thing you want is for the abuse to occur as your complaint goes unnoticed. Don’t give up until the complaint is resolved and action is taken.