stem cell banking in dubai

Stem Cell Banking In Dubai: Top 3 Stem Cell Storage Agencies Ranked

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Cord blood banking! or, Stem cell banking!

You might have heard a lot of things about them. But most of us do not have a proper idea about it. Stem cell banking is potentially life-saving for a lot of children and their family members. When it comes to treating life-threatening health issues, like cancer or some blood-related issues, stem cells of the umbilical cord are much more effective than bone marrow transplants.

Also, a bone marrow transplant is really painful for both the donor and the receiver. Here, stem cell collection from the umbilical cord does not harm or make the baby or the mother feel pain. Previously after the birth of the baby, the umbilical cord used to be thrown away. But at present, a lot of people are opting for stem cell banking due to its potential to save them from life-threatening diseases.

What Is Stem Cell Banking?

Stem cell banking is nothing but a process of collecting precious stem cells from the human body, then processing them, and finally storing them for future use in stem cell treatments.

Using low temperatures, stem cell banks preserve the biological properties of all the collected stem cells.

Only storing is not enough; they also need to protect them from contamination and degeneration for cord blood banking in Dubai.

These stem cells of the umbilical cord and placenta are potentially life-saving. Basically, stem cells are immature cells that can assume the form of other cells.

Top 3 Stem Cell Storage Agencies Ranked In Dubai

So, now you know what stem cell banking actually is. Now, you need to know about the best places in Dubai. When you are planning to secure the future of your baby, you always have to ensure that you are choosing the best place to store your baby’s stem cells.

And these suggestions will help you to choose that.

No. 1: Bioscience Institute

Bioscience Institute is one of the most popular and trusted cord blood banking solutions in Dubai. They have the proper certifications and licenses. That means you do not need to worry about its infrastructure and authentication.

When you are thinking about stem cell banking, here you will get the following services.

• Umbilical cord blood.
• Cord tissue.
• Adipose tissue.

The best part about this stem cell storage agency is that they not only store stem cells but also offer a wide range of other medical services. They are also a research institute. So, in case you need stem cell replacement, they might provide you with the complete service.

So, when you are choosing the Bioscience Institute, you are actually selecting an option that will provide you with a complete solution in case of emergency and any requirement.

No. 2: Cellsave

Here in Cellsave, they understand that becoming a parent is a lifetime responsibility. That is why they are too committed to their job and always come up with more enhanced technology and cord blood storage solutions.

You just need to call them to order your kit. The best part is that you will get the kit at your doorstep. You just need to pack your kit in your hospital bag and hand it over the kit to your doctor. The professional will handle the rest of the things.

Once the sample is collected, you need to make another call to Cellsave. Their members will collect the sample from the hospital.

Isn’t it a simple and clean process?

At the laboratory of Cellsave, the quality test process and then store the stem cells of your newborn. They ensure that you can get access to your stem cells whenever you need them in emergency cases.

No. 3: Cells4Life

It is basically a science-led organization that is dedicated to providing the best stem cell storage service across the globe. Their simple and completely safe procedure always takes care of the complete procedure of stem cell collection from the umbilical cord blood.

It is one of the leading cord blood and tissue storage services in Dubai and is regulated by the Human Tissue Authority. Their processing lab is open around the clock and 365 days a year. So, it doesn’t matter whether your baby is born on the weekend or on any holiday; cells4life will be there for you.

In addition to all these things, cells4life always uses a dedicated medical courier service in order to ship cord blood samples. They always store cord blood samples in at least 2 different geographical locations and also in multiple subdivisions.

This way, you will be able to use just a portion that you require.


Whenever you are choosing any stem cell bank, you always have to ensure that you are choosing the best ones that have proper accreditation and certifications. Most importantly that they will do what you want them to. Only this way will you get all the benefits.