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Want To Start An Instagram Store? Here Are A Few Ideas

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Let’s face it – inflation is crazy and barely anyone is keeping up. It seems like the whole world is after a side hustle nowadays, just to keep the bills paid.

Fortunately, we have the power of the Internet on our side, and social media platforms like Instagram have made it easier than ever for just about anybody to make some extra cash in one way or another. Instagram is a reliable place to gain some mentions and enhance engagement and visibility. A common trend is to create an Instagram store where you can sell your own products to your followers.

Keen on the idea but not sure what to sell? We’ve got you covered with a few ideas.


If you’re skilled with a needle and thread, you can put your handiwork to work and earn yourself some extra cash. Consumers are often willing to pay a hefty price for custom-made items, so taking orders on request is a good idea.

You can start by keeping it simple and sweet – purchase some wholesale beanies or scarves and embroider some festive season cheer on them. Themed and seasonal items always sell well on social media, so this is a great way to kick off your business.

Your Artwork

If you’re an artist, it’s about time you started getting some recognition (and compensation) for it!

You can sell your pieces online, take commissions for custom works, or even create digital artwork and sell digital copies. If you decide to go digital, once you invest in the right software and have the right equipment, creating art will only cost you your precious time.


In the line of digital creation, if you’re any good with graphic design (or even just Canva), you could create custom notecards to sell on your Insta page.

With the holiday season coming up, this is the perfect way to start things off. Create fun and quirky holiday cards, or beautiful, elegant ones. Whatever your style, let it show in your work. You could help customers turn their family photos into stunning Christmas cards or turn cute inside jokes into a professional-looking card that will be cherished forever.

Sustainability-Forward Products

Sustainability is the buzzword that’s been on everybody’s lips for the past few years, and on Instagram, it’s bigger than ever. Tap into that market by offering some of your own eco-friendly products, or items that help people along on their sustainability journeys.

You could sell eco-friendly cleaning products, natural beauty products, reusable shopping bags, metal straws, makeup wipes, or just about anything else that screams “I’m Green”.

Homemade Candles

Another popular item on the Instagram market is the humble candle. These fit nicely into the home décor niche that is flourishing online in 2022. Aesthetically pleasing candles that make your home smell like freshly baked cookies? Who could say no?

Source some cute jars, design a minimalist label and play around with different scents. Once you find a good candle-making recipe, this becomes the simplest (and most fun) side hustle you could imagine!