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10 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tactics That You’re Ignoring In 2021

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Many of you aspiring minds might be dreaming day and night of conquering social media with your creative reels or some nice marketing strategies. Isn’t it?

The question is, why would you not try it? Today more than 3.6 billion people use social media platforms. And obviously, these numbers will keep increasing by the end of the next five years.

SMM Tactics

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When you know that these many people are already using social media, then why would you miss the chance of taking your shot on it?

However, if you are this ‘trying-hard but aren’t giving up’ person, then let us tell you one thing! Your hard work and dedication pay off only when it is put effort in the right way. After trying twice or thrice, we know that you do learn the trends and pathways to work at social media.

Around 80% of the social media marketers say that they know very well that increased engagement is what they need to invest in.

But they forget that the algorithms of digital platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, or Twitter, keep changing like nobody’s business. Thus, you must stay updated with these.

Learn the Difference

You always need to identify the social media opportunities to ensure that you know the social media marketing tactics for better results. Since, there are many learners or beginners who often get puzzled between the two words – tactics & objectives.

In simple words, objectives are certain steps that you need to take to achieve a strategy. On the other hand, tactics are tools that help you achieve your objectives.

So, the next time when someone asks you about the social media objectives, you can always come back to this image!

SMM Tactics

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Hope, the above image has made things clear to you!

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tactics

Now, let us move on to our main topic of the article, the social media marketing tactics that you might be overlooking even this year!

1. Conversational Marketing

With a lot of emphasis on the addition of chatbots, there is one thing that is very clear. The trend of today is Conversational Marketing. People at present have become smart enough to find out the difference between genuine and buggers.

They always want to invest their time and money with a brand that responds to their queries one-on-one. Around 82% of consumers prefer the service, which provides them an immediate and quick response.

It means that if you are a renowned brand and do not respond to your shoppers or users, then they will dump you. Rather, they will prefer spending their money on a small business that is at their service 24X7. Isn’t that, right?

SMM Tactics

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You can see that such conversations help you hold on to the users by making them feel valued. Also, this allows many businesses or influencers to get hold of their viewers or shoppers forever.

The end goal of conversational marketing is to improve the customer experience by using a feedback-driven approach that encourages greater interaction and loyalty.

2. Artificial Intelligence

The importance of artificial intelligence is unbeatable and something which you can’t certainly ignore. It has already become the backbone of the global digital industry and has led to the extinction of many professions.

From the year 2018 to 2023, it has been estimated by Markets and Markets that AI for social media will grow from $633 million to $2.1 billion.

SMM Tactics

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At present, almost every social media platform is taking the help of AI to process certain functions easily. For example, LinkedIn uses AI for sending job alerts, Instagram uses AI to send notifications to followers, and so on. Now, the point is how marketers and influencers can benefit from it.

• You can spend time creating meaningful content for your platforms, and AI tools can help you take it further.

• Some tools can instantly create social media content across platforms, including hashtags and shorter links.

• Your brand’s social media accounts and audience can be analyzed using an AI-powered social analytics app or social listening tool.

• Today, there are artificial intelligence frameworks that can write Facebook and Instagram advertisements for you. Thanks to AI’s ability to anticipate which word can boost outcomes for you.

3. Meaningful and Inclusive Content

People today understand the language of empathy and compassion. Hence, if you are new, then this can be your best. The brands and influencers these days are under constant pressure to create content that is inclusive and meaningful.

The shoppers and viewers are now drifting to the brands committed to diversity and inclusion, as per a study by Accenture. For instance, 41% of the LGBT buyers will prefer moving to a seller who shows compassion.

SMM Tactics

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Such businesses with a motto of inclusivity and diversity are thriving compared to those that do not respect human sentiments.

Not only this, many influencers talk about trending issues and get attention from people. They even end up becoming part of social issue communities, which sort of is beneficial for them.

Hence, if you want to match the present population, you need to showcase your empathy.

4. Build Social Media Community

The trend of being a part of communities is at a peak these days. Many social media groups are created for brands to increase engagement with their audience.

Well, for those who are clueless, these are small private groups accessible to only a few people. In these groups, you can spread the word about your work or business. Talk about how it can benefit the people around you. Take ideas from the members. Be interactive and engage the audience. Always respond on time.

30%-50% of profits go to people who are available to their audience every time. Hence, be there for your community.

Put on Q&A sessions. Conduct polls and surveys. Organize giveaways for every target that you reach. You can utilize such communities to learn the consumer interests and preferences.

SMM Tactics

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5. Stories are a Must

Snapchat launched the concept of creating social media stories, and then gradually, Instagram and Facebook followed it.

These stories disappear after a particular time, which can be 24 hours. Hence, it is great if you utilize this opportunity. Perks of using the social media story for your goal:

• Boost in brand recognition
• Constant interaction with the audience
• Efficiency in terms of cost
• Increasing the number of visitors to your website
• Possibility of reaching out to millennial people

Seeing the bennies of a social media story, we hope you can put up these for your benefit. Here are some ways in which you can use them.

• Put up a Q&A session
• Create a poll
• Add links to your story
• Add location tags
• Give a CTA to buy a product or watch your content

Make sure that you take the help of the mentioned above ideas. Other than that, let us tell you that now almost every social media platform is sending story notifications to your followers, which is a win-win!

SMM Tactics

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6. Live Streams

Almost every social media platform provides you an opportunity to go live with videos. As per Daily Esports, 99% growth in hours of the live stream which were watched between April 2019 and April 2020.

Hence, investing your time in live streaming is a much better idea than anything else. People prefer listening to you over reading the advertisement posts.

SMM Tactics

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Not just the younger generation, even the older ones are interested in watching live sessions. Isn’t it a great idea to attract a generation group which is almost difficult to please?

Although the pandemic crisis seems not to be improving anywhere soon, people have become accustomed to not leaving their homes for social gatherings. Due to the lack of activities, retailers had a difficult time selling their merchandise. But as part of their adaptation to the modern standard, brands showcased their goods on live streams, allowing viewers to learn about and purchase products.

7. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing trend can be called ‘appreciation’ marketing done by the renowned faces of social media to their audience. Influencers can be regarded as celebrities of these platforms, and they can help you spread the word about your business.

SMM Tactics

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Nearly 90% of advertisers believe that the ROI from influencer marketing is equal to or higher than that of other marketing platforms.

Different ways are there to take the help of this tactic. Let us give you a glimpse of a few of them:

• To get a review, offer the influencer free or discounted products.
• For endorsed posts about your product or brand, pay the influencer a certain fee.
• To get posts about your product or brand, give the influencer special goods or valuable facts.

8. Content Marketing Dominance

John Mueller said that “rather than focusing on the latest SEO trends, make sure that your site has fast speeds, good links, and well-written content.”

Even today, content marketing is dominating all other trends. Around 88% of marketers create content that is appealing to the audience.

It helps attain the social media objectives such as brand awareness, audience engagement, and conversion sales.

SMM Tactics

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9. Shoppable Posts and Social Commerce

More than half of the online shoppers say that they’ve purchased directly from a social media post. Thus, we can say that this trend of social commerce is transforming the way customers buy and choose to make purchases.

As per Facebook data, 70% of shopping freaks move to social media platforms (especially Instagram) for product discovery. Hence, we can say that users are not just using these platforms for passing their time but also to make nice purchases.

SMM Tactics

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You can see above that 44% of people bought the product after discovering it on the social media platform. That is a big deal!

Interactive advertisements enable users to select and buy products with ease. You can always consider creating such posts on your social media handle. Instagram believes that this will make it possible for companies to reach out to potential new buyers by shortening the sales pipeline and providing users with the immediate access they need.

One of the best examples that have taken advantage of social commerce is Jordan. They got associated with Snapchat to monetize the NBA All-Star game. Brand proposed all its users get their hands on the special edition Air Jordan III ‘Tinker’ shoe.

10. VR & AR are a Trend

The concepts to watch in 2021 for SMM are virtual reality and augmented reality. With this entire shutdown, advertisers are actively attempting to provide consumers with new and interesting experiences.

Several e-commerce sites have transitioned to augmented reality shopping, enabling people to digitally try on goods before purchasing them. Many social media apps provide their users with certain filters that help their users click pictures or make videos.

A platform like Facebook has already taken a step by introducing Horizon, which is a VR world. VR headsets have become accessible, allowing consumers to have a thrilling gaming experience. Although there is still plenty to be improved on this front, AR and VR could become fully popular soon, enhancing the user’s experience.

SMM Tactics

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Social media platforms are a never-ending story for all of us, be it for beginners or experts. Every time you are here, you learn and explore some new tactics to work for your social media.

There we have our well-thought and nicely planned list of top 10 SMM tactics for the year 2021. Last year was almost dead for most of the world, but this year let us not make it the same.

Go through the tactics mentioned above again and again. Start implementing them on your social media properly and honestly. We bet you that the results are going to be amazing.

Conor McGregor said once, “SMART WORK PAYS BEST. TRUST IT.”

Working hard and working smart is the motto that we believe in. Hence, ensure to stay updated with everything that the internet has for you. Keep looking for the latest SMM trends to get advantages over others.