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38 Short Condolence Messages: The Briefest Expressions of Sympathy

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Few things in life are more tragic than losing a loved one. The pain that follows can feel utterly unbearable at times, and it can be difficult to express those feelings with words. Furthermore, it can also be challenging to give our condolences to someone who has experienced the tragedy of losing someone.

These short condolence messages will help you provide comfort to someone who has suffered a loss and show them you’re there to give them a shoulder to cry on.

38 Short Condolence Messages and Expressions of Sympathy

Short Condolence Messages for the Loss of a Husband

#1. “I heard about the passing of your husband; I hope you can take some comfort in knowing that he was a great friend, and he will be sorely missed.”

#2. “My heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your husband. I know you had a great marriage and loved him so much. I share your grief at this trying time.”

#3. “Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the passing of your husband.”

#4. “I am deeply honored and blessed to have known your husband. He was a blessing in my life, and I will forever carry him in my heart. Accept my condolences.”

#5. “I was so deeply saddened to hear of your husband’s passing. He was a wonderful man. You have my deepest sympathy.”

#6. “My heart goes out to you and your family on the passing of your husband, father, and best friend. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.”

Short Condolence Messages for the Loss of a Wife

#7. “May God bless and comfort you and your family during this difficult period; please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of your wife.”

#8. “In this time of grieving, remember that your wife will always be looking over you and smiling. Please accept my deepest condolences.”

#9. “My prayers go out to you and your family. May the fond memories of your wife bring you comfort during this difficult time in your life.”

#10. “Your wife was an exceptional person and will be missed. You have my most sincere sympathy for her passing.”

#11. “A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds — through us, they live on. Surely, she will not be forgotten.”

#12. “My heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family. I will surely miss her presence; she was a lovable and kind person.”

Short Condolence Messages for the Loss of a Father

#13. “Your father’s vision of life was remarkable. He was indeed an inspiration to us all. Please accept my condolences.”

#14. “May I offer my sympathies to you and your family on the loss of your father, God bless his soul.”

#15. “I am so sorry to hear about your father’s passing. I hope that the love of family and friends will comfort and strengthen you in the days ahead.”

#16. “Your father was a wonderful man. He always had a calming effect on everyone around him. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.”

#17. “He is a great loss to all the people who know him. May his soul rest in peace.”

#18. “I offer the greatest sympathy to your family on the passing of your father. He will always be in our hearts.”

Short Condolence Messages for the Loss of a Mother

#19. “Losing someone we love is never easy, but we must be thankful for the beautiful moments and memories we shared with them. Your mother was a beautiful and kind soul, and she will not be forgotten.”

#20. “I would like to express my sorrow and condolences to you and your family for the loss of your mother. I pray that you and your family find the fortitude to bear this great loss.”

#21. “Once the tears have dried up and you have said your goodbyes, what is left is the beautiful and happy memories that you shared with your mother. Please accept my deepest sympathy.”

#22. “Remember her as she was, and she will be in your heart forever. Please accept my condolences and know that I’m here for you.”

#23. “I offer you my thoughts, prayers, and well wishes during this dark time in your life. May the soul of your dear mother rest in peace.”

#24. “Every time you miss her, search in your heart, and there, you will feel her, be with her, and embrace her. May her gentle soul rest in peace.”

Short Condolence Messages for the Loss of a Sibling

#25. “My thoughts are with you and your family at this hard time caused by the painful loss of your dear sibling. Accept my deepest sympathy.”

#26. “Accept my sincerest condolences for the loss of your brother. His life will never be forgotten as long as you keep the memory of him in your heart.”

#27. “There are no words to express my sorrow for your loss. May you find comfort in the loving memories you shared while your sister was alive. Accept my condolences.”

#28. “Even if your brother is physically gone, he will never be forgotten. Have faith and be strong — may his soul rest in peace.”

#29. “Your sister was the kindest and bravest person I ever met. Stay strong and know that she continues to live in our hearts. My condolences for your loss.”

#30. “Please accept my deepest condolences and remember that even though it may feel like you’ve lost a part of you, remember that your brother’s spirit will continue to live on inside your heart. Every time you think of him, he will smile at you from above.” 

Short Condolence Messages for Those in Need of Comfort

#31. “Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.”

#32. “Accept my warm and heartfelt sympathy.”

#33. “Accept my deepest condolences.”

#34. “My heartfelt sympathy for your loss.”

#35. “Please accept my deepest sympathies and know that I am here for you.”

#36. “I’m sorry for your loss. May God ease this painful period for you. Stay strong.”

#37. “I cannot possibly imagine what you feel right now; let me know if there is anything I can do to ease your pain at this difficult period.”

#38. “I’m sorry for your loss. With time and courage, you will sail through these rough waters.”


When someone is in the process of grieving for a loved one, it’s impossible to relieve them of their pain. However, by offering them your deepest condolences, you can show them that they can count on you and that you will be there for them.

Ultimately, death comes at a time when we least expect it. These short condolence messages can help you express your sympathy toward someone in their greatest time of need.