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Why Should You Shop At Smith’s?

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One of the biggest US supermarket chains is Smith’s Food and Drug, which many know simply as Smith’s. As a subsidiary of retail giant Kroger, shoppers everywhere can be safe in the knowledge that product quality will be high, prices extremely low, and the frequent customer rewards huge.

Smith’s Marketplace – a unique shopping experience

While Smith’s was a landmark western store, Kroger introduced a new concept that would escalate its appeal – and the Marketplace was born. This medium-sized department store idea branched out from the typical grocery shopping experience and began to sell clothing and household goods, as well as adding pharmacies, bakeries, and even Fred Meyer Jewelers and bank branches.

You can find stores in:

  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • Wyoming
  • New Mexico
  • Arizona

Smith’s Fuel Center and Smith’s Express

The revolutionization of Smith’s didn’t stop there. Soon, smaller retailers popped up under the well-loved moniker – namely Smith’s Fuel Centers and Smith’s Express, for even better customer convenience. You’ll find both of these across the northwest and southwest.

What can you buy at Smith’s?

The great news is that you can buy practically anything from these supermarkets; from fresh fruits, to food, to locally sourced fish and meats, and more. There are both Smith’s own product lines, as well as those sold by Kroger stores, alongside all the brands you know and love. Clothing and homewares are extremely affordable, and you’ll find items in the Women’s, Men’s, and Kid’s sections, as well as small electricals, home décor, and more.

Smith’s reward program

There is a fantastic rewards system in place at Kroger, so Smith’s has one, too. You can sign up for the Family of Stores Loyalty Program, which will help regular shoppers to save on fuel, gain access to exclusive, tailored coupons and deals, and more by accumulating points. What’s even better is that all Smith’s Rewards can be used at other Kroger-affiliated stores and vice versa.

The rewards don’t stop there for those who want to shop even smarter. For a small subscription fee (just $59 a year), those who sign up to the Boost members club can enjoy unlimited free grocery delivery, double Fuel Points, and exclusive savings that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Weekly deals

Every week, you’ll have access to a weekly ads smith’s flyer. This can be found in-store or online, and may even be delivered to your door if you live locally. This circular is packed full of one-week-only discounts on a range of products, so that shoppers can save with little fuss.

Going one step further

Smiths aims to give back to the community in a host of ways – and just one of which is by sponsoring and donating to a local organization, the Primary Children’s Hospital.

Kroger is extending its partnership with Loop to these stores, too. Loop is a global shopping platform that works to eliminate waste while providing high-quality, reusable, durable packaging for all of its products. These can be cleaned and reused once empty, for the eco-conscious consumer.