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Save Money When Driving Outside the EU with a Euro 6 Conversion Kit for Vans

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With the rising costs of fuel, maintenance, and vehicle parts, owning a car is becoming more and more expensive – especially if you’re driving in the European Union, United Kingdom, or the European Economic Area (EEA), where the Euro emission standards are in place.

What are the European Emission Standards? Do I have to drive a Euro 6 car? What happens if I don’t? To find answers to these questions, keep on reading the article.

What are European Emission Standards? Does my car have to comply?

Every company that wants to sell vehicles in the European Union, the UK, and the EEA needs to comply with the European Emission Standards. However, the vehicles that were sold before different versions of the regulation are still driving around, and their drivers might face consequences if they drive them in certain areas.

The newest version of the emission standards, Euro 6, was introduced in 2014 – since then, most Diesel vehicles sold in the EU and the UK feature a Selective Catalytic Reduction(SCR) system, which injects a liquid called AdBlue into the exhaust system, reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions.

If you’re driving a Diesel vehicle that’s older than 2014, chances are it doesn’t comply with the Euro 6 regulations. What now?

What are the consequences of not having Euro 6?

Depending on your location, there might be downsides to not having a Euro 6 vehicle. In the United Kingdom, for example, car owners of vehicles that do not comply with the Euro 6 emission standards can pay up to £300 of additional vehicle tax every year. They also won’t be able to enter certain areas called Ultra Low Emission Zones, like London, or they will have to pay an additional fee for driving there.

There are many more Low Emission Zones across the EU, including Berlin, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, and other cities all across the EU, UK, and EEA. If you disregard the Diesel ban and still enter these areas, you will be in danger of receiving a hefty fine.

To avoid having to pay taxes, fines, or fees, you’ll need to drive a Euro 6 vehicle – but the SCR system in them can be extremely faulty. How to deal with that?

Avoid problems with the SCR – use a Euro 6 Conversion Kit for Vans

With a Euro 6 Conversion Kit for Vans, you can simulate a working SCR system, even if there is a fault. The SCR system is prone to faults, and its repair can be extremely difficult – what’s more, drivers won’t be able to use their car normally if the computer detects a faulty SCR system.

Using the Euro 6 conversion kit, drivers can still use their vehicles, skipping the SCR system, yet still emitting signals that mark it as working. This is great for drivers who frequently drive in and out of the EU, since there are no requirements for the SCR system in many countries outside the European Union.

With an AdBlue emulator, users can save money and not waste their AdBlue while in foreign countries. They also won’t have to risk an emergency stop for expensive maintenance.