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Safety Tips for Your At-Home Pool

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Pools can provide endless hours of fun and offer an engaging way to stay physically active. They’re ideal for children and provide summer vacation entertainment.

Owning an outdoor pool at home is a great way to enjoy the sun and fresh air with your loved ones. An indoor pool offers more privacy for you to feel fully relaxed in the water.

Whether you choose an outdoor or indoor pool, you must prioritize safety and security. Taking the necessary precautions and implementing safety measures can help prevent accidents and create a secure environment for everybody using the pool.

Below, we have covered three of the top safety tips that you can take onboard to keep you and your family safe while using your at-home pool, whether you’re using it permanently or temporarily for your child’s birthday celebration.

Install Pool Handrails

Pool handrails are vital in enhancing safety and accessibility within your pool area. They provide an anchor for your family to stabilize themselves as they enter and exit the pool.

Handrails for pools are particularly helpful for older individuals who struggle with balance and stability. They’re also great safety features for young children and provide an extra layer of security to fill them with confidence.

You and your family can maintain a steady grip and avoid slips, falls, and injuries by holding tightly onto the pool handrails. You can install handrails by the pool stairs or along the entire circumference of the pool, depending on the level of safety and security you desire.

Use Pool Covers

Pool covers are ideal for keeping your pool clean and free of debris or contaminants, especially outdoors. However, they also serve as a safety feature by preventing people from falling into the pool and getting injured or drowning, which is particularly important for small children and pets.

With an extra layer of protection, you can enjoy your time swimming in the pool or sitting beside it, knowing that your family is safe. You can also find peace when you’re away from home if you know your pool is well-covered.

Supervise the Pool When it’s in Use

If you’re able to do so, it’s a good idea to supervise the pool constantly if your children are playing in it.

When watching your children, avoid distractions, such as talking on the phone, scrolling through social media, or any other activities that might draw your attention away from the pool. It might sound over the top and meticulous, but even a slight lapse in concentration could make the difference between life and death.

You could also install CCTV cameras around your pool (and maybe elsewhere around your home) and sync them up to an app on your phone, so that you can view the activity around your pool anywhere, at any time. Not only does this enable you to keep a watchful eye on your children and pets, but it also means you can take immediate action if you spot intruders on your property.