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Rum Revelry: 6 Must-Try Cocktails Featuring the Spirit of the Caribbean

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Did you know that rum may be the oldest spirit in the world? Historians believe that the first rum distillation happened in the Caribbean back in the 1620s, though it quickly grew in popularity from there.

As a result, it should be no surprise that some of the world’s best cocktails with rum have a rich history, with their origins dating back decades or even centuries!

Whether you like dark, light, or aged rum, there’s sure to be a classic cocktail you’ll love to try. Let’s take a look at a few of the best rum cocktails worth ordering.

1. Mojito

It’s hard to beat the tried-and-tested flavor of a classic mojito. Once you’ve had a sip, you’ll understand why this drink has been popular for centuries!

There’s some contention over who first invented the mojito, but one popular theory involves pirates. Legends say that Sir Francis Drake used the drink as medicine for scurvy for his crew, though other stories claim that African slaves in Cuba dreamed up this refreshing drink. Either way, it’s safe to say that Ernest Hemingway popularized the beverage after discovering it on a trip to the country.

This cocktail includes a few simple ingredients: rum, lime, mint, club soda, and simple syrup. Though you can substitute sugar as a sweetener in a pinch, the extra steps to make an easy simple syrup recipe will take only a few minutes, and it brightens the flavor of this classic rum cocktail.

For a summery addition to the traditional recipe, you can also add watermelon to the mix. The refreshing flavor is perfect on hot days.

2. Piña Colada

If you prefer a sweet, creamy flavor to your favorite summer rum cocktails, you’ll want to reach for a piña colada. The drink’s name means “strained pineapple” in Spanish, a hint at the delicious tropical blend that awaits you.

The piña colada originated in San Juan, Puerto Rico back in 1954. Its instant popularity made it a local favorite, and it has since become the official drink of Puerto Rico.

Though this drink is so popular that you can find pre-made versions at almost any grocery, fresh recipes taste much better. For this cocktail, you’ll need aged rum, frozen pineapple, pineapple juice, lime juice, coconut cream, and ice. To add some extra flavor, consider using coconut Malibu rum drinks with a hint of fruity liqueur!

3. Dark and Stormy

If simple rum cocktails are more your style, you’ll love the ease of a dark and stormy. The drink takes its name from the dark rum it uses as a main ingredient, and the rich hues of the resulting blend are reminiscent of storm clouds. Another link to storms and sailing is obvious: the cocktail hails from Bermuda, the shipwreck capital of the world.

Whether you sip this dark rum cocktail on a cruise or by the beach, you’ll be glad to know it only needs a few ingredients. Start with your favorite dark rum, pour in some cubed ice to cool things down, add some spice with ginger beer, and then stir and garnish the drink with a lime wedge. The best rum for this drink will be earthy, with notes of brown sugar and vanilla.

4. Mai Tai

This fruity rum cocktail is iconic, though its recipe has changed over the years. Though today’s Mai Tais often end up sickeningly sweet, the original had more complex flavors.

Historians believe that the original Mai Tai came from Trader Vic’s in the 1940s. The drink, whose name means “out of this world” in Tahitian, began to grow in popularity fast.

The classic recipe included aged or blended rum, orange curaçao, lime juice, orgeat syrup, and simple syrup. Once the Mai Tai made its way to Hawaii, however, popular recipes for the Tiki drink adopted flavors like pineapple and orange juice, further sweetening the drink.

5. Hurricane

Boozy and potent hurricane cocktails are an iconic drink throughout New Orleans’s French Quarter. They’re easy to recognize by the tall hurricane glasses in which they’re served. Boasting complex tropical flavors, this is one of the best rum cocktails for beating the heat, whether you’re wandering Bourbon Street or sitting by the pool.

Experts credit tavern owner Pat O’Brien with the modern recipe for this popular cocktail. Hoping to get rid of a large supply of less-popular rum, he added his concoction to glasses shaped like hurricane lamps, which are tall enough to protect a flame in strong wind.

The ingredients for a hurricane include both light and dark rum, orange juice, lime juice, passion fruit syrup or puree, and grenadine. Though the signature glass isn’t necessary, having one doesn’t hurt!

6. Daiquiri

It’s hard to create a list of rum cocktails without including one of the most famous of all: the daiquiri. Like the piña colada, this drink is so popular that it’s easy to find pre-made frozen mixes, but fresh ingredients make a world of difference.

The daiquiri stars a few simple ingredients. Light rum, lime juice, and demerara sugar syrup are all you’ll need to make a classic recipe.

However, there are endless possibilities if you’re hoping to add some extra flavor to this delicious drink. Blending frozen strawberries, mangos, or pineapples into this cocktail can turn an iconic daiquiri into a sweet summer treat.

Try Your Hand at Cocktails With Rum

Whether you’re looking for a summery drink to order at a bar or hoping to upgrade your bartending skills, you can’t go wrong with the drinks above! These cocktails with rum show off the full potential of the base alcohol, allowing you to enjoy the rich tropical undertones of the drink no matter where you are. It’s no wonder most of these cocktails have been popular for years!

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