rental apartments for students

Rental Apartments for Students: Discover the Freedom of Youth

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Freedom…what a sweet-sounding and long-expected feeling. The high-school leavers count the days till graduation, as they can finally embark on the trip to adulthood. The choice of an educational institution may take a few years, with weighting down pros and cons, exams, and preparations.

However, after receiving the documents of enrolment, there is another issue to get down to – accommodation. As a rule, on-campus accommodation is the first to consider. However, it can be pricey and not everyone is willing to be in such a bustling environment, and with all the rules, where is freedom?

While on-campus life has a certain charm, it is a good idea to think about off campus student living options, as that’s where the true independence begins. As a rule, students-to-be are in two minds between renting an apartment and joining the student housing. While both options are perfectly acceptable, let’s make out which one is more youth-friendly.

Rental apartments

The rental apartment offers a completely different life – absolute freedom, no parental control, and self-reliance. You get to pay the bills, manage the house and decide on all the “home flow”. Depending on location and size, the price of the rental can be affordable even for one student.

Rental apartments are also a great choice for those who shy away from people, and, above all, value their privacy. If the rented apartment is situated in the middle of a bustling place, all the cafes, cinemas, and places for walking will be within easy reach.

Rentals offer better chances for studying and time off. As there will be no noisy flatmate you share the wall with. Besides, if you are willing to have a job, you will definitely need your island of peace and quiet, just to take a short break from all the routine and constant movement.

However, with all the benefits, rentals do have significant drawbacks. First and foremost, the price. If you want a well-furnished place in a quiet neighborhood, you need to pay over the odds. Surely, you can find a flatmate, yet, finding the right one is often a matter of time and anxiety, and thus, expenses.

Yet another issue to consider is the time of the contract. Landlords typically side with lease contracts, to make the summer time covered as well. However, it means extra expenses for a student. Besides, some of the rules may limit the number of visitors and partying, which puts the whole ‘freedom of youth’ under question.

Student Housing

Student housing is a rising trend among accommodation options, due to an upturn in student edu-migration, it combines the benefits of rentals, yet offers more socializing.

One of the greatest advantages of student housing is the comfort and convenience of the stay. Typical the network of houses is spread around the university areas, thus everything will be within easy reach. Besides, a 15-30 minutes’ walk can help you wake up mentally, but a cup of coffee on the way to the lectures and just catch the right positivity for the day ahead.

Student housing always offers well-kept and maintained houses, with fully-furnished rooms and all the necessary facilities. Nowadays, in the era of internet reviews, rental companies value their reputation. Thus, willing to stay on the market they offer the best service and the best prices to win more clients.

Moreover, while rental apartments are quite selective in terms of the contract length, student housing will accept even those who require a short-term accommodation, if, for instance, someone comes for regular but short-term workshops once a year, or will attend a specialized course.

Another great benefit of student housing is a chance to socialize. It is not as bustling as an on-campus room, yet it is not the solitude of the rented apartment, just the balanced approach. The rooms of the student housing may be rented by people with the same interests and professional development, which creates the basis for tight connections in the future.

When having a few like-minded people in the same place, you will have their support when needed, yet your privacy will not suffer, as you are all separated from each other. Student housing is about a small but tight community, where everyone is united, however, there is always room for privacy.

The price of student housing rent is significantly lower, besides, all the cleaning and amenities will be taken care of.

The final thoughts

When vacillating back and forth between two options for rent – student housing and rental apartment – make a list of all the pros and cons of each option. First of all, scan the area for an average price, take into account the cost of WI-FI and parking, and make sure the neighborhood is safe enough for you to stay. If you are a loner by nature and do not tolerate someone’s company, the related apartment may be a good choice, however, its price and a long-term contract can make the whole deal seem less feasible.

If you are looking for a balance of price, location, and privacy, student housing may be the best option, as they are close to the major educational sights, offer good value for money, and help you create a small circle of friends. Those who are shy with people will benefit as well, as they will still make a part of society, and need to learn to communicate.