reasons to move your blog to wordpress

9 Reasons to Move Your Blog to WordPress

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Even if you have an old HTML-based website, you can still give it a fresh look and a new vibe by moving it to WordPress.

With plenty of informative videos and enticing pics, it’s bound to secure a place on Google’s first page.

9 Reasons to migrate your site to WP if you haven’t already done it

You should migrate your e-shop or blog to the world’s most powerful content management platform for many reasons. Here are some of the most obvious.

1. It’s free

You can migrate to WordPress from any other platform without any costs. If you aren’t familiar with the process’s technical aspect, leave it to the professionals.

You don’t want to end up with half of your site being on WordPress and the other half – still on your old platform.

Once the site’s components have been moved, you can stop worrying about design adjustments. WordPress is the most accommodating and flexible website hosting platform to date.

2. Website edits are intuitive

WordPress users can’t stop repeating how intuitive the UI is. You can edit links, webpage elements, and code strings without using complicated editors like Dreamweaver.

WordPress 5.9’s full site editor lets you edit pages and themes from the same control panel. The user interface isn’t much different from the standard WP block editor.

3. Clean & consistent design

The building blocks of the WP editor guarantee that all elements of a webpage will be consistent, no matter how often you move your site around.

4. You can develop your themes and plugins

You can build themes and plugins from scratch if you know a thing or two about coding, as WordPress is an open-source platform.

Every WordPress tutorial advises that only experienced professionals should perform code changes and edits to the core architecture.

If you don’t feel that technically confident, you can search for a paid replacement of the necessary plugin or ask a developer to create one.

5. You must not worry about SEO

Every WP plan includes a state-of-the-art SEO editor, so the content you create gets automatically optimized for Google.

That said, you can quickly turn your WP blog into an online shop by adding a few plugins and applying some design tweaks.

 WooCommerce is the most powerful e-commerce platform developed specifically for WordPress.

6. Premium security

Even if you forget to update a theme or plugin on time, your WP site will still be safe. That’s because the platform automatically pushes critical security updates to its users since the release of version 3.7.

7. Global support.

If something breaks down or stops working due to a glitch, you can always reach out to WP’s global community and get expert help in less than 24 hours.

No need to chat with help bots or wait in online queues to reach a technical assistant. While waiting for a peer’s response, you can find the answer to your query in some of the numerous WP forums.

8. Videos and pics load in no time

Once you move your site to WordPress, you never have to worry about slow-loading pics and videos that consume tremendous amounts of bandwidth again.

WP blog posts with embedded videos attract a much wider audience than those showing pics only. Adobe Premiere Pro and Wondershare Filmora are two of the most popular WP video editors working on Mac and Windows alike.

9. Automatic mobile view optimization

Every webpage you create in WordPress gets optimized for mobile view automatically. For an even better mobile site experience, install a special plugin like WPtouch or Jetpack.