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Top Quick Play Games for Gaming On The Move

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Whether you’re on the commute to work and have only your laptop to hand, or you’re in line at the grocery store with just your mobile, there’s always a game that’s available to play. We’ve selected a broad range of titles that are either available to play in your browser, on your mobile, or both. This means that you can take them everywhere with you and enjoy them whenever you’ve got a spare five or ten minutes that you’d like to fill with a little entertainment.

1. Online Roulette

Roulette is a great choice for gaming on the move because it’s fast-paced and a round can be completed in as little as a single minute. Getting to know more about the odds of different bets can help you to have more success in your play and it’s a good game to learn if you enjoy playing at real-life casinos too.

Depending on the style of play that you enjoy, specialized sites such as PokerStars Casino can be a great boost for beginners as they also offer information on strategy and playing styles. Whichever platform you opt for, it’s a good idea to look out for bonuses to ensure you’re getting the best possible value when gaming.

2. Destiny 2

Our next pick is a game that certainly wouldn’t have fitted into this category even just a couple of years ago, but since its release for console, the team behind Destiny 2 has decided to make it available to play on PC. This is great news for gamers as this massive online multiplayer is the perfect game for those who enjoy in-depth gameplay, but don’t always have hours to devote to it.

Instead of having to embark on missions and complete them all in one sitting, you can log on and log off Destiny 2 for as little as a few minutes and any progress that you make will be saved. The game is a first-person shooter-style title, so it will suit fans of fast-paced gaming with plenty of action.

3. Evo Creo

If you have a slower gaming style than that which is required in Destiny 2, then Evo Creo could be a good alternative. This game is just a couple of dollars on the App Store and is guaranteed to provide you with hours of fun. It absolutely takes inspiration from the famous Pokémon games for the Gameboy Advance. It’s cute, colorful, pixellated and filled with adorable and sometimes terrifying animals that you can catch, tame, and go into battle with.

The differences are what make Evo Creo special, though. The animals (evos) go through a different evolution process to Pokémon. Some evos can only evolve into one thing, whilst others can evolve into different stages, depending on which elemental sign they have the strongest connection to.

So, if you use a lot of water moves with one evo, it could turn into something different than another of the same evo that was raised using a lot of fire moves. It’s an interesting game and will provide hundreds of hours of gameplay, which, for a couple of dollars, can’t be sniffed at.

4. Online Chess

Skill matching on online chess sites is really helpful for player improvement.

Our final pick is a game that will suit those who like to keep their brain active. Chess has been a popular game with brainiacs for centuries; in fact, the oldest chess set that’s been found to date was from before the birth of Christ. There’s a good reason that chess had stood the test of time for so long: it’s great fun, intensely logical, and fiendishly difficult if you’re evenly matched with someone.

Finding an even match in real life can be difficult, but chess sites and apps have created computers that can analyze your play and match you with an equally skilled AI opponent. This means that, whenever you play, you’ll be suitably challenged without being totally crushed. This is the perfect level for learning, meaning your chess skills will get better each and every time that you play.