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5 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Roofing Company

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Did you know that there are 37,340 roofing businesses in the United States?

Your commercial roof takes a lot of abuse. A commercial roofing company’s job is to protect your building. If it’s not, any damage done is on their head – not yours.

Check out what to look for in a commercial roofing company. Better yet, ask them these questions to get a good gauge as to how they operate. Read on!

1. Do You Have Enough Experience?

Questions to assess the professionalism of your commercial roofing company should focus on their experience, qualifications, and general business services. Ask to see the qualifications and certifications of any representatives of the company.

Make sure to ask about the experience of roofing services. Request a portfolio of any past work they have done on other commercial roofs. Inquire about their additional services, which include maintaining a commercial roof over time.

2. What Type of Materials Do You Use?

The good question is, what type of material does your company use? You should also inquire about whether the roofing materials used have a warranty and for how long.

It is also essential to ask what type of insulation services the roofing company provides and if any special tools are required for the job. Additionally, you should find out if the roofing company has any certifications and is compliant with local building codes.

Asking these questions helps to ensure that the commercial roof installation company you hire is reliable and experienced.

3. Do You Have an Insurance Policy?

Ask to see a copy of their insurance binder and review it. This will make sure it meets your expectations and needs. It is essential to ask specific questions related to clarifying insurance policies.

Ask if the roofing workers and installers have their liability insurance, such as workers’ compensation, in case of accidents. It’s also important to ask if the roofing company carries roofers liability insurance to protect against any potential property damages or injury that could occur during the installation or repair work.

4. What Are Your Payment Terms?

Ask what the estimated total cost of the project is. If a financing option is available, it is essential to understand the terms of the financing, as well as any fees associated with it.

It is also helpful to ask the roofing company if they accept any other forms of payment besides cash. Additionally, ask if they can break up expenses into multiple installments if the total cost is too significant for a one-time fee. Asking if there are any discounts for early payment is also recommended.

5. Do You Have Good Customer Reviews?

It pays to read reviews if you’re looking for a reliable commercial roofing company. Reviews provide valuable insight into what to expect from the company and the quality of work they do.

It’s a good idea to ask the company to provide references and testimonials from past customers and ask questions about their customer service policies. Finding out what kind of support the company offers after the project is completed is paramount when selecting a commercial roofing company.

Choosing the Best Commercial Roofing Company

Ask the right questions to ensure you get the best commercial roofing services from a reliable and experienced company. Consider warranty, brands, craftsmanship, and customer service when selecting a company.

Talk to a commercial roofing company today to start the process.

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