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7 Websites And Magazines That Will Publish Short Stories Online

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With the increasing number of webzines and online publications, the publishing world has become exciting and less challenging than ever before. As per Duotrope, there are more than 7.450 literary magazines, so you have a variety to choose from.

If you have written one or a few short pieces and want to share them with an audience, you’re in luck. Here you can find seven great places to publish short stories online.

1. Submit to The Sun Magazine

Sun MagazineThe Sun Magazine wants personal stories, unflinching and darkly funny, as well as provocative political or cultural narratives. It offers payment from $300 to $2,000 for pieces.

2. Try Publishing with SLICE Magazine

SLICESubmit your work to SLICE Magazine if you are someone with a fresh voice and an enthralling story to tell. The magazine states that its goal is to erase the gap between established and emerging writers; therefore, everyone has an equal opportunity.

You can submit during the reading period, which is currently open and runs from October 1 to December 1, 2020. Also, the payment for a published story is $400.

3. Take a Look at Carve Magazine

CarveCarve Magazine accepts short stories and nonfiction submissions from all over the world. Genre fiction is not in its interest, meaning it publishes literary fiction only. You can submit via Submittable paying the $3 fee or by mail for free. Carve pays the writers $100 for a published story.

4. Check out Boulevard Magazine

BoulevardBoulevard Magazine is interested in fiction and nonfiction, from both established and emerging writers. They accept submissions from November 1 to May 1, and the work you send must be previously unpublished. There is a $3 submission fee if you’re submitting online and no fee if you’re doing it by post; the payment ranges from $100 to $300.

5. Explore Ruminate Magazine

RuminateRuminate Magazine encourages everyone, credited and unpublished writers, to send fiction or nonfiction their way. Its editors want imaginative and contemplative stories that are curious and spiritual.

Although the submitting period is currently closed, there are two open contests — one for fiction and other for nonfiction. If published, the magazine pays $20 per 400 words and accepts only online submissions that are previously unpublished.

6. Get Published in AGNI

AGNIAGNI looks for authors with a focus on the discourse of society and its structure. It encourages submissions from published and unpublished writers, living anywhere in the world. You can submit your piece (previously unpublished) from September 1 to May 31. The payment is $10 per printed page (maximum $150) and a year’s subscription to AGNI.

7. Try The New Yorker for Publishing

New YorkerThe New Yorker is notorious for publishing audacious and eccentric works. Also, it is famous as a journal that is difficult to get published in, but why not try? You can submit anytime, although the payment isn’t specified.

Find Your Publication

There are plenty of places where you can publish short stories online. The magazines listed above are merely a snippet — you can have fun exploring and discovering more.

Before you choose a publication, research and read some of the writing they’ve already published as it can show you their likes and dislikes. Pay attention to what type of story they want and whether your work fits their narrative. Indeed, it’s a fierce and competitive world, but don’t let that discourage you.