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7 Presents To Give On Your Colleague’s Wedding

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So you’re invited to your colleague’s wedding and the big day is almost here. While your work relationship might be really strong and healthy when it comes to giving a proper gift for your workmate’s wedding, you can get slightly confused.

You know them, but don’t know them well enough to decide on a gift so soon. So what do you end up giving? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here is a list of seven wonderful presents you can give to your colleague.

1. A fitness watch

If your friend is a workout freak, a fitness watch might be a good option. Now, you might not know whether they like working out with dumbbells or simply on yoga mats. Therefore, play it safe and give them a fitness watch from a reputed brand.

Make sure it has features like measuring the pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and the number of steps covered. When they finish their morning jog every day, they’ll surely think of you and thank you.

2. Perfume set

For the colleague that loves staying minty fresh all day, a premium-quality perfume set is ideal. The Gucci perfume is a great choice. It’s available on Amazon or any luxury brand store near you.

You can guess the kind of perfume your colleague would like by taking notes of the perfume they wear to work or talk about. Try to find similar kinds and buy one that you think would be best.

3. A decor voucher

Often, people move into a new house right after marriage. If you feel your colleague might have similar plans, show a thoughtful gesture and give them a home decor voucher. This gift is not only useful but also lets your colleague have the freedom of decorating as they wish.

You can check online for various websites that accept decor vouchers as a part of their interior designing and purchase something from there. When you go to their place at their housewarming party, everyone will know whom to thank.

4. Polaroid camera

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? While a polaroid might not cost too much, it sure is a very lovely gift for anyone.

Your colleague will most probably go to an exotic location for their honeymoon and they’ll need to click tons of pictures to preserve those beautiful memories. A polaroid camera will be handy, stylish, and will last for years.

5. Smart oven

Kitchen appliances can never go out of fashion. The newlyweds can put this into good use after they move into their new house.

The Breville BOV650XL is a stainless steel oven that gives you an unparalleled cooking experience. It comes with a smart IQ feature that auto-sets the temperature, timing, and all other necessary parameters to keep the cooking environment perfect.

There are 8 basic cooking functions available- from toasts to bagels and from pizza to roast turkey. If your colleague loves to cook and is great at this, you should definitely go for this item.

6. Picture kit

Wedding pictures need to be preserved at all possible costs. But not most people don’t know how to do so. Help the happy couple by gifting them the Gallery Wall Kit Picture Frame set from Gallery Perfect.

It costs 200 AUD or so and comes with 9 pieces of different shapes and sizes. 7 photo frames are available- both matted and without a matte finish, and two signboards with aesthetic decor signs. This gift will be perfect to display in the couple’s living room.

7. Suitcase turntable

This unique item was first designed in the 1960s, and since then has been very sought-after. The Crosley Deluxe Vintage Turntable is priced at 94 AUD and comes in dozens of different colors and designs. The built-in Bluetooth receiver lets you stream music via the turntable’s speakers.

The portable turntable plays music at speeds of 33⅓, 45, and 78 rpm. The full-range stereo speakers are sure to give the perfect atmosphere of romance and closeness to the couple after their marriage.

Over to you…

The expenditure amounts in weddings are rising up phenomenally, with the average American spending the most – 29200 USD, and Spain and Italy coming a close second and third with 23400 and 22500 USD respectively.

So it’s not surprising that wedding gifts need to be equally sophisticated and stylish. With this list of seven classy gifts, you won’t ever have to worry about feeling unprepared while gifting!