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What Should Be the Ideal Size to Pick a Garden Buddha Statue

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When landscaping your garden, you may be on the lookout for that perfect accessory that makes it unique and different from other gardens. A Buddha statue is the ideal accompaniment to any garden space and provides positive energy in your backyard.

A Buddha statue can represent serenity, peace, and harmony for your garden and home. Many people decide to invest in a Buddha statue because they believe it will bring a positive aura into their home. However, many may be confused about what the ideal size for their garden Buddha statue should be.

Your Budget

Buddha statues come in varying sizes, and they have varying price ranges too. The material used to make the statue can also affect the price.

If you have a fixed budget for your Buddha statue, it may be best to determine what size statues are available within that price range. It can help you narrow down your options to find the ideal statue.

You may also have other requirements for your Buddha statue like the preferred material, style, etc. This should be decided along with your budget.

Size of Your Garden

If you have a large garden, getting a small Buddha statue that nobody can see unless they’re right in front of it is useless. Based on the design of your garden, you may want your Buddha statue to complement your landscape or be the main attraction in your garden.

If you’re planning on making your garden Buddha statue the main attraction in your landscape, you would need to buy a life-sized statue. Buddha statues come in sizes as small as under one foot and as big as 20 feet tall.

If you’re planning on finding a giant statue for your garden, you should think about placing it amid hedges, flowers, or bushes, as it can help soften the lines of the statue and make it look more natural in your garden.

Garden Style

If your garden is already home to several small statues, you don’t want to get another one to be lost and become invisible. Your Buddha statue should be complementary to your garden style yet manage to look unique.

To ensure that your Buddha statue is the right size for your garden, you should think about what the statue will represent in your garden. If you want it to be a loud statement piece in a serene garden, you could get a large stone Buddha that will complement the theme of serenity but still manage to stand out.

On the other hand., if you want something more subtle, you can opt for a smaller statue and add in candles and other Buddhist items to complement your statue and make it stand out.


The placement of your Buddha statue is imperative because it plays a significant role in determining its size. If you wish to place a statue at your garden’s entrance, the experts at SoothingCompany.com remind you to consider the size carefully so as not to overshadow the rest of your garden.

If you are placing your statue in the middle or corner of the garden, it can be as large as you want it, because even from far away, people will be able to view the garden and the statue along with it.

Buy the Perfect Garden Buddha Statue for Your Style

Determining the ideal size for your Buddha statue for your garden can be tough because you need to balance many factors and make sure your garden looks aesthetically pleasing and cohesive.

Besides the statue sizes, you also have to consider the statue’s material and pose, which can also change the look of your garden. You can find many different Buddha statue types available for your garden, such as the Meditating Buddha, the Reclining Buddha, or the Teaching Buddha, among others.