photo shoot on the beach

Poses for a Photo Shoot on the Beach: 5 Tips and Tricks

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Beach photo shoots are both simple and complicated. On the one hand, the frame gets bright emotions and picturesque landscapes. On the other hand — the bright sun does not always give successful lighting and the features of the figure can not hide under the clothes. To make the results of the shooting pleasing, you need to know what poses look interesting, allow you to hide the excess, and show the favorable angles.

4 best poses for shooting on the beach

The location of the model in the frame, her poses, the final composition — all this should be carefully thought out. Even if the process involves dynamics and improvisation, it’s easier for the photographer and the heroine to rely on premeditated points. Besides, the pose is something that can’t be fixed in the post-processing stage. You can use an app to make you tan, but a photo editor won’t help you position your hands or turn your head differently.

  • Standing sideways, half-side, or from the back. It’s important to remember your posture at this angle: you can’t slouch, clasp or lift your shoulders. Avoid the direct view of the camera — the figure will look flat and rough. It is better to place your hands in the dynamics — touching the waist or hips, legs should be bent, crossed, that is, also give them movement.
  • Sitting on your heels. Sitting postures are dangerous because it is difficult to simultaneously keep the stomach tightened, and the back — flat and free. Heeled buttocks are the most successful solution, because seductive curves are formed, and the hips do not hang.
  • Accent on the legs. Half lying, kneeling, lying on your back on the sand or chaise lounge, take a model from the side of your legs at an angle. This way they will look slender and very long.
  • Lying down. Portrait in full height or waist from above looks very bold, the finished photo looks like a bright page of a glossy magazine. Good shots are obtained when the model lies on her side, so you can emphasize the waist and hips.

5 tips for a beach photo set

  • The more dynamic the shots, the better. There should also be staged shots, but the more photos “in process”, the more lively and intense the photo shoot as a whole will be. Let the model play ball, lie in the waves, build sand castles, dance — just do not stand in one place, looking into the lens.
  • Remember about optical effects. If the model is partially in the water, for example, at the waist or knee, the proportions of its silhouette will be distorted. The photographer must remember this nuance to correct the angle in time.
  • Catch the “good” sun. As for tanning, a photo shoot is not the best suited for noon and hot daylight hours. Shadows from the objects are too sharp, which weighs down the composition, the model is always squinting, and the bright direct light can even add an extra 2–3 kilograms to the photo. The ideal time to shoot is around 9 to 11 in the morning and 17 to 19 in the evening. At the equator, this schedule shifts a bit. Take into account how the beach is positioned about the west and east: if the sun sets behind the shore and hides behind tall buildings or trees in the afternoon, shoot in the morning.
  • Look for deserted areas or times. A colorful beach bustle looks interesting in the shots, but to have a full-fledged photo shoot, the photographer and model will need some privacy. Also, blurring or removing people in the background during retouching is extra work.
  • Makeup and hairstyle are at a minimum. Every girl wants to look beautiful, but multi-layered makeup and festive hairstyles are not suitable for a beach shoot. It’s enough to refresh the skin and make a light ponytail, a careless braid, or loose curls on the shoulders.

The main advice is that both the model and the photographer should relax and get maximum joyful emotions from a sunny day at the beach.