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5 People Who Left Their Jobs To Make More Money On Their Own

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Can you make more money on your own rather than rely on a 9 to 5 job?

This is the question that many people ask themselves when they consider leaving their job and maybe try something new. But then again, society and its norms made us think that it is required to be a normal human.

However, there are plenty of opportunities for those willing and ready to quit their job and start making money on their own. For example, a simple review about could get you into forex trading or at least give it a shot and see if it’s a fit for you.

But still, before you take any chances, here are the stories of five individuals that quit their job to make money on their own!

1. Paul English

This particular individual is the man behind Kayak, the extremely popular online travel search engine. However, before that, he was nothing more than an employee of a simple venture capital firm. What changed his life?

A meeting with Steve Hafner. To be more precise, a meeting that lasted one hour is what made Paul English quit his job, create Kayak, and round up around $170 million yearly in revenue.

2. Rocky Patel

This man was an entertainment lawyer based in Hollywood. One seemingly small opportunity later he became a cigar sensation. Obviously, friends and also family told him that he definitely shouldn’t quit his stable job to create his own brand of… cigars!?

However, Patel had developed a passion for this type of product – he wanted to turn it into a career. Nowadays, his company sells more than 20 million cigars per year.

3. Andy Schamisso

Schamisso had a public relations job for 13 years before quitting it over something as simple as white tea. Keep in mind, 13 years means a lot of experience and should come with high pay, especially in this field.

That didn’t matter for Schamisso! When his wife had trouble finding the white tea that she needed, Schamisso decided to manufacture and distribute it himself. As a result, there are now more than 14 varieties of Inko’s White Tea to choose from and make iced tea from!

4. Terry Finley

Insurance jobs are known to be rather boring. However, Finley also completed his military service and his monthly pay shouldn’t have been so low to make him resign.

But there was more than just a salary at play. Finley’s wife bought a horse and once he saw it win a race, a passion ignited within him. He fell in love with horse races and decided to leave behind everything he was doing! Now, investors rally to buy horses raised within his venture.

5. Ian and Shep Murray

If you have two brothers, just give them some random desk jobs. If you’re lucky enough, they may get sick of them and come up with something as big as Vineyard Vines.

Ian and Shep Murray got so tired of their jobs that they decided to sell ties – rather than wear them. They applied for a loan and started selling the ties on the beach. 800 ties later, they rented an office to start their own business. Some years later, Vineyard Vines clothing lines are available for purchase almost anywhere in the US and not only!

The Bottom Line

As you can see, quitting your job is not always about making more money. Quitting your job may very well be the push that you need to turn your passion or hobby into a decent living!

Most people who start a business venture only with money on their minds often fail and must return to their jobs. However, those that put passion first and money second always find their way through difficult times!