packaging line needs case erectors

Why Your Packaging Line Needs Case Erectors

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The packaging line is one of the most important departments in any company. Here is where packaging is actualized. That’s why you should create perfect cases for all your packaging needs. Plus, technology has made things easier.

Nowadays, machines are used to carry out operations previously done by the people. This makes it easy, fast, and efficient. Plus, it optimizes the accuracy of all your operations. This technology leverages case erectors and case sealers. Here are reasons why your packaging line should have case erectors and sealers.

Case Erectors

Case erectors, also known as case formers, are special machines that can turn collapsed cardboard boxes into packaging materials. Modern case erectors are automated, making them efficient and highly reliable.

Still more, these machines take less time when it comes to assembling boxes. The best thing about case erectors is that they minimize costs and increase the packaging speed.

Still more, these machines make packaging accurate and consistent. It’s important to get it right when choosing your case erectors. That’s why you need to conduct your homework before purchasing your case erectors.

A good case erector will not only make the packaging process accurate but also help you save on labor-related costs. There are different types of case erectors on the market. Here are some of the most common types of case erectors you can consider:

Automated Case Erectors

Designed using modern technology, automated case erectors can handle large volumes and make the production line efficient. They rely on automation technology. So, if you are looking for efficient, safe, and cost-effective case erectors, think about automated case erectors by Insite.

Semi-Automatic Erectors

These case erectors use technology to construct packaging equipment. However, they aren’t fully automated. But the best thing with these erectors is that they can save time and reduces employees’ involvement along the production line. They are ideal for those looking to optimize packaging line performance and space. They can handle awkward shapes and different sizes.

Specialty Case Erectors

If your company has a unique packaging requirement, think about special case erectors. These case erectors can be customized to suit your company’s exp[licit needs.

Case Sealers

After erecting a case, you will need to seal it before shipment. That’s where case sealers come in. These sealers are used to seal products before they are shipped to customers. This is a very delicate and important process. There is no room for errors and mistakes. That’s why you should carefully select your case sealers.

Consider things like your company’s output, case size, as well as SKU requirements before selecting your case sealer. Like case erectors, case sealers are divided into the following types:

  • Semi-automatic sealers—These case sealers are partially automated. They are affordable and are ideal for those with limited floor space. These sealers can seal up to 30 cases in a minute.
  • Fully automatic sealers—On the other hand, fully automated case sealers leverage automated technology to carry out their operations. They are labor-saving and highly effective. Still more, these sealers can handle fixed as well as multiple sizes. Additionally, fully automated case sellers come with power-saving features and can accommodate different configurations.
  • L-Clip sealers—The L-Clip case sealers come with additional security features and can accommodate different lengths as well as widths.

Benefits of Automated Packaging Line

Technology is playing an important part in the packaging industry. Nowadays, case erectors are automated. This makes it possible to auto erect the cases. This means that minimal labor is required. The best thing with modern case erectors is that you have several options.

For instance, you can either choose semi-automated case erectors or fully automated case erectors. Fully automated case erectors require no human interaction. This means that you can save huge amounts of money in terms of labor costs. Plus, you can achieve higher levels of consistency and accuracy.

Still more, fully automated case sealers are fast, which can improve the efficiency of your company.

Saves Space

Unlike manual case sealers, automated case sealers take less space. Plus, if your space is limited, install semi-automated case sealers and boost your company’s productivity. These case sealers take less space. Also, they can handle several functions simultaneously. This means that they save time, space, and labor costs.


With automated case sealers, you don’t need a lot of employees. Plus, your employees won’t engage in repetitive tasks. Thus, the chances of developing strain injuries are minimal. This plays a key role when it comes to the safety of your employees.

Several Box Sizes

Automation means that you can handle different tasks accurately and quickly. Plus, you can handle different boxes. Thus, whether you have regular or irregular boxes, automated case erectors got you covered.

This technology allows for quick changeover. They can switch from one size or shape to the other. This is not only cost-effective but also an accurate way of packaging your products. This minimizes costly returns. Remember, returns can mess up your brand’s image.

Quality And Reliable

When it comes to packaging, reliability, and quality are key aspects. That’s why you need to make your packaging line more accurate. One of the best ways of ensuring that your packaging line is accurate and reliable is by introducing automated case erectors. These case erectors use automation technology to handle tasks. The technology is tested and highly reliable.

Easy To Maintain

Automated case erectors don’t require intensive maintenance. Plus, diagnosing problems is easy. This is because diagnosis is based on technology. The company can easily spot or sense any issue. Still more, it’s easy to diagnose problems in these machines. Still more, they are not prone to breakdowns. Thus, they require less maintenance. This means that your company will produce and package consistently and efficiently.

The Bottom-Line

The above are reasons why your packaging line requires case erectors as well as case sealers. Invest in technology and improve the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of your packaging line.