musicians use cbd

Musicians Who Use CBD

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CBD is currently much more famous than you can imagine. Taking into account that it has been demonstrated through different studies how beneficial is the consumption of CBD at a health level, many people have started to consume it in the last years to fight many of their disorders or illnesses.

Not to mention anxiety, stress, and pain, the most frequent symptoms in artists. Musicians, particularly singers, make great use of their voice, so they usually seek solutions for their vocal irritations. There are many comments on how beneficial the best organic CBD oil has been for them and how it has helped them during their career, and we will be telling you much more about it.

What is Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol, or CBD, as it is also known, is one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis. It is famous for being the non-psychoactive compound in this plant, so unlike THC, CBD does not give the common effects of feeling “high”.

This compound works in the human body through a specific system, called the cannabinoid system. It is characterized by being present in many different places in the human body, so CBD can have a broad effect on many parts of the human being.

Why singers like to use CBD

Today many people in the music industry make use of this compound, surely each person has their specific reasons for using this compound, however in the subject of singers is something broader.

Singers often have their routine before starting a performance, whether it is doing vocal exercises, walking a bit to drain anxiety, even drinking a latte containing CBD, or placing some CBD oil under their tongues. According to legend, a shot of the good stuff holds the inflammation at bay and the pipes in tip-top shape.

Some singers who use CBD

You may have heard of many celebrities who use CBD, from actors and comedians to famous businessmen. However, here are some of the most famous singers we have found who use CBD frequently in their lives and careers:


One of the most famous singers who usually fights and defends CBD and cannabis, in general, is Rihanna. The famous Barbadian singer has stated many times her love for CBD and how much it has helped her. She is also a big fan of it because of all the natural beauty benefits it can cause.

Rihanna even commented once that she would launch her own company with CBD-based products, which would be called “MaRihanna”.

Adam Levine

Adam along with the other members of Maroon 5 have undoubtedly been promoting the issue of “ending the war on cannabis”, as most states in the USA still have it illegal. The singer has openly demonstrated his use of cannabis and CBD for different personal purposes, such as recreational or to calm moments of stress and anxiety that he may have in the industry.

Barbara Streisand

Besides being a famous actress, she is also a singer who has made use of her voice on many occasions in her career. Barbara is another celebrity who has been known for fighting for the legality of cannabis and has expressed on different occasions how beneficial it has been for her to consume CBD.

At different times, Barbara has commented on how difficult the art industry can be sometimes, so she has said that to drain a little of her stress she always decides to use a little CBD because she is not a fan of alcoholic drinks or pills.

Willie Nelson

Nelson is one of the people in the music industry who most defends the legal use of cannabis. In an interview he had some time ago with “Rolling Stone” magazine, he openly confessed that cannabis “saved his life”. The use of hemp helped him to give up one of the biggest vices he had in his thirties or forties, alcohol.

The impact that this plant had on Nelson’s life was so great that nowadays he has a line of a great variety of products based on cannabis and CBD, called “Willie’s Remedy”, which you can explore its official website at the following link.


Probably in a few years, we will be visualizing the legalization of hemp almost all over the world. As you can see, this plant has great and varied benefits for human beings.