movie locations worth visiting

10 Movie Locations Worth Visiting

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For fans of TV series and movies, visiting the location of a scene from your favorite show can add to the fan experience.

When Google Maps captured the popular American TV series Better Call Saul filming in Albuquerque, fan interest in the specific filming locations spiked, bringing a surge of fans to the city.

However, most movie locations are not easy to access, and without the actors, movie props, and CGI, they can lack any real impact.

But for the true movie fan who loves to travel, here are 10 movie locations you can visit that do deliver something of the real movie experience.

1. Ghostbusters Headquarters, New York City

The Ghostbusters offices are found at the actual home of Hook and Ladder Company 8 at 14 North Moore Street in Tribeca, New York. The exterior of the building keeps the same look as it appears in the movies.

2. Grand Budapest Hotel, Saxony

The lobby of the Grand Budapest Hotel is a department store in Germany that was intended to be demolished. The columns, staircases, windows, and chandelier were all original and kept for the filming.

Because of the success of the movie, the building was saved and has since undergone renovations and is now open to the public.

3. Yavin IV From Star Wars, Guatemala

Featured in the original Star Wars movie, now known as Episode IV, A New Hope, the fourth moon of Yavin was filmed amongst the Mayan Temple ruins of the Tikal National Park in Guatemala.

You can now visit the rebel base and experience the beautiful natural scenery.

4. Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters From X-Men, British Columbia

The exterior of the X-Men school is the Hatley Castle in British Columbia, Canada. Although the interior of the castle was not used in the X-Men films, walking around the castle enables you to recreate many of the scenes from the movies.

5. The Baseball Diamond From Field Of Dreams, Iowa

This baseball field was built especially for the film and sits on land originally owned by two separate farmers who each owned half of the field.

When it was later set up as a tourist spot, you could enter the field from two different sides, each with its own gift shop, parking lot, and separate admission fees. Eventually, one family sold their half to the other family and there is a plan underway now to create a multi-million-dollar complex called ‘Baseball Heaven.’

6. Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry, United Kingdom

The Harry Potter films were filmed in many locations across the United Kingdom. Two of the most accessible are Alnwick Castle in Northumberland and Gloucester Cathedral, which inspired many of the exterior shots of the school.

You can also catch the real Hogwarts Express train at Glenfinnan in Scotland.

7. Skyfall Lodge, Glencoe

The lodge is a gorgeous building set amongst the breathtaking Scottish Highlands and plays a pivotal role in the thrilling climax of the James Bond film, Skyfall.

Glencoe features remarkable countryside which you can visit and roam freely.

8. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, Petra

The classic scene in the Last Crusade installment shows Indy riding on horseback through sandstone canyons on his search for the Holy Grail in Petra, Jordan.

Filmed on location, the ancient city is more than 2,000 years old, and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. A tourism industry has since developed in the area, making it possible for you to walk and ride in the footsteps of our archeologist hero.

9. Hobbiton From Lord Of The Rings, New Zealand

The landscapes and locations used in the filming of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movie trilogies are so stunning and of such interest that guidebooks to the many locations throughout New Zealand have been produced. The movies have proven a huge boost to the New Zealand tourism industry which still sees visitors coming to New Zealand primarily to see the movie locations, 20 years after the release of the first movie.

The set of Hobbiton has been left standing and visitors can take tours to see where famous scenes were filmed, stay overnight at the Green Dragon Inn, eat at the Shire’s Rest Cafe and even celebrate your own fairytale wedding in Matamata, just south of the country’s largest city, Auckland.

10. Jurassic Park, Hawaii

Kualoa Ranch on the island of Hawaii might lack the dinosaurs, but the location of Jurassic Park features the dramatic expanse and lush greenery that made it such an obvious choice to stand for a land before time. The park was also used for filming Jumanji and Godzilla.

A visit to any of these locations along with some make-up, costumes, homemade props, and a camera, can help you to live the movie experience.