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The 3 Best Reasons For A Move Out To The Country

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There is a movement taking shape in which people are abandoning life in the suburbs for a quiet and calm country lifestyle. Instead of living in a crowded suburb, they dream of a house with plenty of fresh air and decorating their yard with Irish garden décor. This is possible because working remotely is now easier than ever and there is little need to work in an office again.

Since you can now live anywhere, there is no need to have to choose city living just because it is close to work. There are many other reasons to leave the city and instead settle in the country. It’s not for everybody but those that are thinking about it will appreciate these benefits. In this article, we will go over several of those benefits.

1. It’s sustainable

Living in the suburbs is not the most sustainable model. In fact, even a city will be more ecofriendly than a suburb since apartments take less energy to heat and cool and the density means that there are fewer resources needed to house them.

The suburbs, instead, require commuting to the city where the jobs are, which contributes to more pollution in the area. By moving to the country and not needing to commit any longer, there is far less pollution being emitted.

Having a house in the suburbs can mean belonging to an HOA and not being able to grow a garden or even add things like solar panels to the house.

Then there is the issue of using poor building materials in some of those houses that were built in the 60s and 70s. Those old country houses were built with materials that stand the test of time and are also able to retain heat in the winter and stay cool in the summer.

2. More space

Yards are getting increasingly smaller in the suburbs which leaves you very little area to grow vegetables, for instance. In the country, you are likely to have much more yard area available to do all kinds of things. If you want a cottage garden that will sustain your family then there is likely to be plenty of space for that. There is even usually plenty of room to raise chickens and even livestock if you want to start doing a smallholding homestead.

3. You save money

The price of houses in rural areas is dramatically less than what you would spend for a smaller house, and smaller garden, in the suburbs. This difference can be better used to invest and bring your home ownership costs down even further.

Commuting is also not happening which saves you lots of money in fuel, tolls, and wear and tear on your car. Although you will be using your car for longer trips to the supermarket and possibly driving into town, you will still be using less fuel. Not only that, but insurance costs are far lower since your premium depends on where you live.