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7 Modern Home Design Trends to Keep an Eye On

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During the pandemic, over 60% of our waking time was spent at home. Now that things have mostly returned to normal, many people are going back to the office and spending less time in their houses.

Nevertheless, we spent around 50% of our waking time at home before the pandemic. This means that interior design is key to our comfort.

Without a cohesive and pleasing appearance, your property can quickly become a place you aren’t thrilled to be in. However, a revamp can transform your house so you’ll never want to leave!

Below are seven modern home design trends you should consider.

1. Layered Lights

If you had to work from home during the pandemic, then you’ll know the challenges of making your living areas multifunctional.

That small and dim light created a fantastically laidback ambiance in your living room before, but now, it’s a pain since you can barely read anything on your physical documents. And that rocking chair may have calmed you down many an afternoon, but it’s doing a number on your back.

The first point is easily fixable with multifunctional lights. You can achieve this by using various different light sources in the room, such as floor lamps, table lamps, and spotlights. You can then turn them on and off accordingly to suit your needs.

A major trend for this year is wall lights, as they can give you concentrated reading spots on the couch or table.

2. Sustainable Materials

We’re becoming increasingly aware of the strains we’re putting on the earth’s finite resources. So it’s not surprising that sustainability is huge in design trends.

Luckily for you, designers and manufacturers alike understand this trend and cater to it. You’ll find both raw materials and pieces that are created from recyclable and renewable things, so you’ll be pleased to have thoughtful interior designs that you can feel guilt-free about.

If you’re not sure about which materials work for your house’s current style, it’s always helpful to work with experts such as the Ernst Brothers. Custom home builders can advise you on the best steps forward.

3. Neutral Warm Colors

Gray was a trending color for 2022, but it’s time to let it go. And the same goes for beige!

For 2023, we’re looking toward more earthy tones that bring warmth to the indoors. Think of colors like brown, light pink, and soft yellow.

You don’t necessarily have to paint your walls these shades either. Instead, you can use them as accent colors in your decor. Or if you want to go big with these neutral warm tones, pick one as a dominant color for your room scheme.

4. Textures

All too often, interior designs are clean to the point of boredom. If a hospital room aesthetic is what you’re aiming for, then great. But otherwise, the sterile look isn’t appealing.

This year, we’re bringing in textures of all sorts to liven things up. Think carefully about what materials you’re using and how they’ll look, feel, and even smell to people.

For example, you can use leather, lace, wood, stone, and more. All of these textures can add depth and dimension to a room, as well as interesting focal points.

5. Curves

In addition to textures, you should also use curves. These can make your spaces warmer and more welcoming, which will encourage you and your loved ones to spend hours relaxing and taking it easy.

When browsing your furnishing choices, opt for pieces that have fluid forms and organic curves. You can even use curves in your lighting picks, which will form a cohesive look with the rest of the room.

If possible, create arches in your interior spaces while renovating. This results in wider appearances that won’t have you feeling cramped.

6. Irregular Rugs

Put away your fancy Persian rugs and go out in search of irregular yet beautiful rugs. Keep an eye out for ones that not only have vibrant prints, but also unconventional shapes.

You’ll want to choose rugs that stand out, yet fit in with your rooms’ current aesthetics. The goal is to get accent pieces that’ll draw people’s eyes to them, without making them feel as if they’re out of place.

In some cases, you can purchase several rugs and layer them along the floor. This allows you to show off each one’s unique designs and add some texture to the floor.

7. Mediterranean Patterns

We all wish to jet off to a warm summer vacation, but it’s not always doable. Plus, you eventually have to return home, which probably isn’t as heavenly as, say, a rural town in Italy.

Bring a bit of those summer vibes into your home by using Mediterranean patterns. Throughout the year, you’ll feel like you’re back in Europe, and you can reminisce on those great memories too.

One fabulous idea is to use Portuguese tiles in your property. These are versatile and can go on your floor, kitchen backsplash, shower walls, etc.

Which Modern Home Design Trends Do You Like?

Now that you’ve learned about some modern home design trends, which do you like for your own house?

The beauty of home trends is that you can mix and match the ones you like, and ignore the rest. So it’s important not to follow trends blindly. By picking those that speak to you, you’ll create something that’s not only truly your own, but is also most optimally functional for your lifestyle.

For more design tips that’ll help home renovations along, check out the rest of our blog page now.