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The 3 Best Mobile Phone Accessories You Should Buy In 2022

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Today smartphones are known as the center of people’s universe and choosing them is getting harder because of everyday new model launch. Not only smartphones, but accessories are also hard to select in multiple available options. The release of every smartphone brings multiple accessories including case, charger, handsfree, stabilizer, camera lens kit, selfie stick, LED lights for selfies, etc.

Due to the multiple options available in the market, it’s quite difficult and confusing to choose the right accessories for your cellphone. In this article, we have shared 3 most famous in-demand wholesale cellphone accessories. We are sure, these accessories will solve your problems.

1. Xiaomi Mi 20W Wireless Charging Stand

With a power of 20W, it provides fast charging of smartphones. Moreover, the device allows you to charge not only Xiaomi smartphones, but also many models from other manufacturers, including iPhones. In addition, it operates at a distance of up to 4mm, so you do not have to remove the case from your smartphone while charging.

This charger is made in the form of a stand, which will allow you to simultaneously charge your smartphone and watch various content on it, setting it in a vertical or horizontal position.

It is also worth noting that the device has a sole made of non-slip material, so it occupies a stable position on the table. And yet, it provides a multi-level protection system against overheating, short circuit, excess voltage and foreign objects. So you don’t have to worry about the safety of the charger itself and the smartphone.

2. APEXEL Phone Lens Kit

When it comes to photography, smartphones have come a long way and are getting better every year. But not always a smartphone will be able to provide proper focus to create a beautiful photo. In this case, a set of lenses for the APEXEL phone will come in handy.

It consists of 10 lenses and is suitable for installation on most smartphones. Kit includes:

  • 198 degree lens for Fisheye effect:
  • wide-angle lens;
  • macro lens with 15x zoom;
  • telescopic lens providing 2x zoom;
  • CPL polarizing filter, which cuts off excess light and improves color saturation;
  • lens and lens of a kaleidoscope;
  • flow filter;
  • as well as star and radial filters.

In general, by using this lens kit, it is sure that your shooting quality will be improved even if you attached it with mid-budget cellphones.

3. Selfie LED Ring

In addition to lenses, the LED ring will help to improve the quality of shooting, which is useful for creating beautiful selfies.

There are hundreds of LED rings models for smartphones, but choosing one is quite difficult. But you don’t need to worry as I have selected the best one for you that is Dhgate LED ring.

Dhgate sells an excellent LED ring that can be installed directly on a smartphone. Due to its compact design, it is quite easy to keep it in a pocket or bag while traveling. It will help you take beautiful shoots and selfies at night.

This ring does not cover the screen and the front camera, and thanks to the rubber pads, it will not scratch the smartphone. Around the perimeter of the ring, there are 36 LEDs, the brightness of which can be adjusted by selecting one of 3 glow modes. The device is powered by two ordinary little finger batteries, which can be bought at almost any store.

As for compatibility, this ring is suitable for installation on smartphones of any width.