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Medical Website Design: The Easiest Way To Reach Future Patients

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A medical site cannot be a collection of information collected and arranged in an arbitrary order.

First of all, it is a clear, extremely understandable, which means, an easy-to-use structure with detailed unique content. It must contain the following mandatory elements:

Block about the clinic.

This is a brief presentation of the establishment. Here you need to talk about what achievements your center is proud of and what it does, why the patient should turn to you. A vivid visual image can be a good addition – so it will be easier for a potential consumer of services to understand the profile of the clinic.

Section “Services”.

This section is traditionally popular – more than 90% of people go here from search engines. Therefore, your task is to present your services as simple and accessible as possible, then it will be easier for patients to learn about them.

Section “Doctors”.

This is another of the most visited sections, as often people come to a specific specialist and, if they are satisfied with everything, stay in the center.


When choosing a clinic, a large proportion of people look specifically at prices. Therefore, it is important to make the price list intuitive, structured, with subsections and groups of services, because all this will help the patient find the required procedure faster.


Reviews provide an opportunity to receive high-quality feedback from patients about the work of the center, to quickly intervene in conflict situations while they can still be resolved without great losses, to motivate employees with positive assessments and gratitude from patients.

Clear content.

Another important issue is information content. To make it interesting for people to read your articles, the latter should, on the one hand, be literate from a professional point of view, and on the other, extremely understandable.

Online registration.

The Internet is convenient in that it allows you to quickly contact online with any organization, wherever you are: at work or at home. When creating a website for a medical center, it is possible to connect a CRM system, an electronic customer base to it, create a special form for making an appointment. More info on

Mobile version of the site.

According to statistics, 30% of Internet users search for all the necessary information from mobile devices. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to read something from a smartphone on an unadapted website, especially when the question is about getting medical help. 

Medical Center Selling Site Rules

You need to turn the visitors of your Internet resource into patients of the center, so it is important that the site meets their expectations. The following rules will help with this:

  • Targeting your target audience. Who are your visitors? The answer to the question depends on the specialization of the clinic, the popularity of the medical staff, the price list and the location.
  • Scenario of sales prescribed in the structure of the site. Your task is to ensure a sequence of actions on the site, in which, after reviewing the information, the next step is to contact the clinic by phone, via an online appointment, or a personal visit.
  • Signs of life. The website for the medical center needs to be updated regularly. The fact is that this way you have a positive effect on the ranking of search engines. Convince a potential client otherwise, if you don’t have your own news – post general medical news.
  • Design that evokes the necessary emotional responses. The design should be functional, not distracting from the question of interest to the person, capable of evoking certain sensations, like in fireart studio. Choose color combinations that are associated with cleanliness, trust, experience, comfort, and other positive reactions that are relevant to your industry. The same applies to graphics – the images should have a certain emotional message that depends on your target audience – namely, the feeling of a healthy, fulfilling life.