male dog names and meanings

60 Attention-Grabbing Male Dog Names and Meanings

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Whether you’ve just welcomed a new pet dog in your home or are planning on doing so shortly, you’re bound to be on the lookout for some outstanding name options. This post presents an array of arresting male dog names and meanings to help you out.

When picking a moniker for your furry sidekick, make sure it is memorable and easy-to-pronounce with no more than three syllables. Further, you will do well to take your mutt’s personality into consideration. With these aspects in place, you will have no trouble in deciding on an impressive name for him.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some striking dog names and meanings.

  1. Aadolf

Meaning: This name has reference to a strong wolf. It is commonly used among wolf-like breeds, like the German Shepherd.

2. Ace

Meaning: This word is associated with nobles who outshone peers at a specific skill such as hunting and tracking.

3. Achilles

Meaning: This name has reference to the Greek hero of the Trojan War. It also means strength.

4. Apollo

Meaning: This name is inspired by NASA’s space missions. Apollo means strength and is the name of the Father of Light.

5. Asher

Meaning: This name implies happiness and is suitable for cheerful and friendly dogs.

6. Atticus

Meaning: This Roman name means someone who is from Attica, a region near Athens, Greece.

7. August

Meaning: This name means happiness and is perfect for good-natured dogs.

8. Bandit

Meaning: The meaning of Bandit is thief. However, dogs are no thieves. Bandit may prove to be a great name for a naughty, playful dog.

9. Barney

Meaning: This name has connotations that imply strong-willed and loyal.

10. Beau

Meaning: Beau means handsome in French.

11. Bentley

Meaning: This name is inspired by the luxury car brand, and may be a great name for a high-maintenance dog.

12. Bolt

Meaning: This name means agile or quick.

13. Boomer

Meaning: This name has been derived from the Dutch word for “sluice gate.” Boomer went on to become the title for those operating gates on a waterway.

14. Bruno

Meaning: This name is derived from a German word that means protection or armor.

15. Caesar

Meaning: This name is inspired by the great Julius Caesar, who was known for conquering nations and building the Roman Empire.

16. Champ

Meaning: Champ is short for champion.

17. Cipher

Meaning: This name means a secret.

18. Colt

Meaning: This name is of British origin, and means frisky young horse.

19. Dash

Meaning: This name means to travel somewhere hastily.

20. Duke

Meaning: The word Duke means nobleman. This name is a great choice for dog parents who treat their pet like nothing short of royalty.

21. Elvis

Meaning: This name is inspired by Elvis Presley, the King of Rock. This Scandinavian name means all wise.

22. Emerson

Meaning: This name means brave and powerful.

23. Genghis

Meaning: This name is inspired by the renowned Mongolian leader, Genghis Khan.

24. Guinness

Meaning: This name refers to the famous book of world records.

25. Hercules

Meaning: This is the name of the son of Zeus, the Greek god of sky and thunder. It means great strength and power.

26. Hermes

Meaning: Hermes was the god of many things, including travel. Like most dogs, he was clever and mischievous.

27. Hershey

Meaning: This name is inspired by the renowned chocolate brand, The Hershey Company. It makes for the perfect name for a dog with a chocolate coat.

28. Hugo

Meaning: Hugo is a Germanic name that means mind.

29. Jagger

Meaning: This name is inspired by the famous rocker, Mick Jagger.

30. Jasper

Meaning: This name originated in Persia. It means provider of treasures.

31. Jax

Meaning: This name doesn’t have a meaning, but has been gaining immense popularity among modern dog parents.

32. Knox

Meaning: This is a Scottish surname that means small hill. It could be a great name for a small dog.

33. Leo

Meaning: This German name is short for Leonardo. It means brave lion.

34. Levi

Meaning: Levi refers to being joined or attached. It is a suitable name for lap dogs or companion dog breeds.

35. Loki

Meaning: Fans of the Thor and Avengers’ movies are familiar with this name. According to Norse legend, Loki was a mischievous god who was always stirring up trouble (probably just like your dog).

36. Max

Meaning: This name is short for Maximilian, which means the greatest. If you think your dog is the greatest (you probably do), go for this name!

37. Milo

Meaning: It is widely believed that this name has Germanic origins. It could mean mild, calm or peaceful.

38. Napoleon

Meaning: This name is inspired by the great leader, Napoleon Bonaparte.

39. Nika

Meaning: Depending on its origins, this name has various meanings, including victory, good or ferocious.

40. Noah

Meaning: This name means comfort.

41. Oliver

Meaning: Derived from the Old French word “olivier,” this name refers to the olive tree. Olive is often considered a symbol of peace.

42. Oreo

Meaning: If your dog has a black-and-white coat, Oreo could be the ideal name for him.

43. Otis

Meaning: This name originated in Germany and means wealthy.

44. Otto

Meaning: Like Otis, Otto also means wealth and prosperity.

45. Rafferty

Meaning: This name refers to someone who possesses prosperity or good fortune.

46. Remy

Meaning: This French name means oarsman or rower of a racing crew. This is a great name for a dog who loves being in water as well as on land.

47. Romeo

Meaning: Popularized by Shakespeare, the name Romeo means pilgrim of Rome.

48. Sawyer

Meaning: This name is inspired by the fictional character, Tom Sawyer. Mark Twain’s infamous protagonist was mischievous, but had a huge heart. Is this something you can relate with your pooch?

49. Scooter

Meaning: This name does not have a significant meaning. It is often short for the name, Scott. But it is a cool name for a dog!

50. Silas

Meaning: Silas is a Latin name meaning of the forest.

51. Simba

Meaning: Popularized by the Lion King, Simba means lion.

52. Taco

Meaning: Tacos are irresistible. You could eat them all the time. If you are a fan of tacos and a parent to a Mexican-breed mutt, this is a great name to consider.

53. Theo

Meaning: This Greek name means gift of God.

54. Thor

Meaning: Another name from the Avengers universe that originates from Old Norse language, Thor means thunder.

55. Tiger

Meaning: We all know this fierce predator of the jungle. This name represents dominance and leadership.

56. Titan

Meaning: The name Titan refers to great strength and a gigantic size.

57. Wilder

Meaning: A German name by origin, Wilder means hunter.

58. Wyatt

Meaning: The name Wyatt has been derived from the medieval name, Wiot, and means brave little warrior.

59. Xander

Meaning: This name is derived from a Greek word that means protector or guardian.

60. Ziggy

Meaning: This German name is popular among dogs of both genders. It is a nickname for Sigmund.


So, this was our list of some of the coolest attention-grabbing male dog names and meanings. We hope you’re able to shortlist some impactful names before picking the ultimate one.