make living with autism easier

What Can Be Done To Make Living With Autism Easier

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According to the viewpoint of the American Psychological Association,  Autism spectrum disorder refers to some neurodevelopment disorder marked by difficulties with social communication and social interaction as well as restricted and repetitive patterns in behaviors.

Therefore it is quite natural that the individual will find it extremely difficult to cope with the normal society.

So, if you are given an opportunity to make the life of an autistic patient easier,…here are certain things that you could do.

Facts And Data On Autism

That Autism is slowly and steadily taking bigger strides in the society could be established through certain interesting facts and data:

  1. According to recent traits, Autism disorder presently affects 1 in 68 individuals. Especially the boys have a greater opportunity of being diagnosed with autism.
  2. In the USA, Autism Spectrum is turning out to be one of the fastest developing disorders.
  3. Autism spectrum disorder is a kind of developmental disability that develops early at the age of 3.
  4. Your child is still nonverbal at the age of 4?? No… that’s not necessarily an Autism trait.
  5. A family spends an average of $60000 if it has a member suffering from Autism. The Lifetime Costs of Autism average are around $1.4 million to $2.4 million.

Symptoms And Signs Of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Now for the ones that do not have a clear view of the characteristic traits of an autistic patient, this might help you figure out a person who has Autism.

It is quite natural that the person who has Autism will have:

  • Delayed Language Skills.
  • Delayed Cognitive and learning skills.
  • Hyperactive, impulsive, or inattentive behavior.
  • Gastrointestinal issues.
  • Seizure disorder.
  • Unusual mood.
  • Delayed movement skills.
  • Has obsessive interests.
  • Repeat words or phrases over and over.
  • Unusual eating as well as sleeping habits.
  • Anxiety and excessive worry.

Things That Could Be Done To Make Living With Autism Easier 

Now there are certain things that you need to do to make living with Autism easier and can allow being living with Autism to be highly functional and productive members of society. Here are some of the real-life recommendations for you:

1. Provide A Realistic Schedule To The Autistic Family Member 

You could provide an extremely basic level routine to the patient. Simple routines and exercises like “ Go to the Park,” “Eat your Pasta now,” “Watch TV for half an hour,” and “Complete your homework” are some of the examples.

Put the schedule into a visual format to make sure the person gets to understand.

2. Keep Preferable Food At Home 

Your autistic family member might love certain food. Keep that in your home in sufficient quantity. This can keep him happy for a long time. There are many nutritional supplements for autistic people that you can also consider adding to your diet with the guidance of a healthcare professional.

3.  Fix The Environment And Not The Person 

The best thing that you could do is to focus on stopping what causes anxiety in him. Remove the things that he does not feel comfortable with. Know that they are anxious, so make sure you keep them happy and cheerful. Working on the environment could be one good way.

4. Speak To Autistic Adults  

Now when you ensure that you are keeping him happy and fine…and he is liking it, make sure to exchange words with him. Talk to him and provide and reciprocate interesting messages and signs. This really works for sure.

According to the experience of an author, exchanging words with patients who have Autism really brought a difference in his thought process.

5. Try Some Home Therapies

Make sure that the individual should not come home in a state of dread receiving some unpleasant therapies. Therefore call the therapist home. Identify the ones he likes.

Provide them with those. Choose the therapies that elicit a smile in him. Make his mood playful and relaxed.

6. Keep An Eye For The Signs Of Stress 

They will communicate with you, laugh with you, play with you and giggle at a joke.

But, you must talk to them and figure out how they behave. See what drives them crazy. And, of course, what’s the one thing they are uncomfortable with.

If you keep an eye on these minute developments, you can make their lifestyle easier.

And Finally!

You are the ones that are in charge of the Autistic family member. Do not neglect him. Interact as much as possible and provide him with a smaller direction…keep him busy. So shower your love and surround his life with happiness and glee!