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How To Make Your Front Door Look Attractive?

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Your front door represents the first impression of your house. Family, guests, and friends use it regularly to enter and leave the house. Besides a functional component, it can also grasp the attention of people passing by or potential house buyers.

If your front door is eye-catching, it will create a good impression on people visiting your home, and they will expect to see a beautiful home interior. But if you are not happy with the appearance of your front door, then you are on the right article.

Here in this blog post, we will highlight some of the best ways to make your front door look appealing. You will be glad to know that these ways to improve your door’s look are not just the easiest but also the cheapest. Let’s start discussing them without any delay.

1. Apply a fresh paint color

We have often seen black or brown front doors, and they do look great. But, how about applying a different, unusual paint color? Of course, it will look superb.

You can be as creative as you want, but don’t forget to evaluate the front elevation when deciding the color so that it can go well with trim and siding. Even color can affect the door’s style. Fresh and unique paint can transform your front door from conventional to modern or from simple to elegant.

2. Get new hardware

Door hardware (like handles, knobs, mail slots, kickplates, house numbers, and door knockers) can become old. Changing the hardware of your front door can be a rapid, satisfying, and inexpensive fix.

Whether they are outdated, tarnished, or rusty, it’s likely the time to change them. Just spend a few dollars and completely transform your door with new nickel, bronze, or brass baubles.

3. A thorough clean up

You can’t find anything good than outdated elbow grease for giving a new appearance to your front door. Use vacuum cleaner and broom to remove accumulated dirt, leaves, and cobwebs.

Rinse the door downwards and use a soapy rag for removing grime, oily fingerprints and pet paw dirt. Wipe off and dry the door to avoid watermarks. Do clean the sidelights and glass panels to give them a sparkling look.

4. Add lighting

Lighting on the front door is essential for curb appeal and safety purposes. If your existing lighting has a single overhead bulb or a sconce, consider hanging matching sconces on the door. It will both improve your door’s appearance and safety.

5. Purchase a new door

If your front door is quite old or beyond repair, then replacing it is a wise decision. Make sure to buy a durable and sturdy door, and for that, you can opt for Canadian Choice Windows and Doors. Their doors are not just strong and long-lasting, but also available in various styles.

It’s completely your choice which style of door you choose for your home. But do keep your home’s architecture in mind before buying it.

Besides replacing your front door, you can also get new windows to increase your home’s worth.