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4 Things To Consider To Make Your Airbnb A Green Must-Stay Location 

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Whether you’re considering opening an Airbnb or already have, it’s essential to consider different elements that could make your space more environmentally friendly. In this current climate, it’s no surprise that customers value environmentally friendly accommodations when they travel, so if you can make your space greener, you’ll soon get more visitors.

Discover these four ways to transform your space into a green one!

1. Energy

It might be that your Airbnb is an old building, so the energy efficiency grade is far lower than you’d like. Not everyone can strip down the walls and install more efficient insulation or new windows. If you have that kind of money, it’s a significant investment.

However, if you don’t, think of more minor changes you can make, like the type of lightbulbs you use. Remember, you don’t have to live in a warmer climate to install some solar panels. Solar panel efficiency has increased in the last few years, making collecting and storing energy more accessible.

2. Waste

Thinking about waste is crucial to making your space more environmentally friendly. While the plastic problem is more of an issue than ever, you can’t ban people from buying single-use plastic while staying with you. However, consider implementing small changes that might encourage them to act differently.

For example, if you have a local zero-waste store (which allows you to fill food products without using plastic), please make sure you have plenty of spare containers for clients to use and let them know where the store is. Likewise, ensure you have plenty of extra shopping bags so clients don’t buy plastic ones. Alternatively, purchase some totes as a welcome gift for the Airbnb guests.

Finally, please have a compost bin to avoid unnecessary food waste.

3. Where Your Decor Comes From

Decorating your Airbnb is all part of the fun of hosting. When thinking greenly, however, you must question where your cushions, blankets, and furniture come from. While buying brand new might be tempting, it’s more costly, and upcycling furniture would be a great alternative.

Likewise, if you must buy from new stores, ensure you’re buying from stores with a greener conscience (i.e., they use recycled materials). Don’t just run to large chains like IKEA (although that can be tempting). Then, finish decorating with some plants to give it a green feel!

4. Cleaning

Every Airbnb guest needs to clean up after themselves. While you might get a cleaner once a guest has left, ensure the cleaning products you offer your guests are also green.
From laundry detergent to dish soap to anti-bacterial spray to drying cloths, there are many environmentally friendly products to choose from, so you’ll have plenty to choose from!

Final Thoughts

Unless your Airbnb’s whole identity hinges on being green, you don’t have to adopt all of these considerations. However, by making a few small changes, you can broaden the clientele you attract, making you more money and making the planet happier!