maintain workout routine indoors

How to Maintain Your Workout Routine While Staying Indoors

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The new normal locked us within the four walls of our homes. While gym subscriptions did not see a downhill, the number of persons attending it physically did. This led to people seeking ways to stay fit and healthy at home.

Moreover, maintaining a routine with gyms is more difficult now than ever.

Different work schedules, heavy traffic, parking problems, bad odour everywhere, the anxiety of working out in front of people, monotonous music are some of the few reasons many are now opting for home workouts to stay fit. And why not, before GYMs were a thing, people used to stay fit too.

Working out while staying indoors does not force you to make heavy adjustments to your schedule and you are at liberty to work out without being conscious. And of course, the comfort of choosing your own playlist is unmatched.

So, now that we have agreed on the benefits of workouts while staying indoors, let’s look at some easy and effective ways to do it effectively.

1. Make a plan

A well-thought plan will take you a long way in your workout routine.

Most times, we schedule workouts in the mornings but often due to procrastination or approaching a deadline, it is naturally pushed until evening. If this gets continued for a long time, then the workout routine is bound to get hampered.

This can be prevented if you make plans beforehand. It allows you to block time slots for everything you need to do in the day including workouts.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if it’s evening or morning, you should at least give one hour to yourself every day – which will include your workouts and post-workout rest.

2. Don’t be too lazy

Staying at home makes it very easy for us to lay in bed all day and munch on junk food. So, if you want to maintain your fitness while staying home, avoid getting used to a sedentary lifestyle.

A workout routine will not create a difference if you don’t stay active for the rest of the day. Yes, it’s important to take a rest but fight the urge of being lazy and neglecting your workout routine.

3. Create a workout space

Create a small gym for yourself. If your apartment is big enough, you have the privilege to store any kind of gym essentials like treadmills and exercise bikes.

You can start with exploring gym equipment online – they have all kinds of gym equipment you need to gear up the fitness freak inside out. Don’t worry, they also have various gym equipment that suits the needs of people with small apartments.

Creating a small gym space will impact you psychologically and prevent you from skipping your daily workout. Besides, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of an investment like this?

4. Ask a friend

If you struggle with consistency, then the best solution is to ask a friend who likes to work out more than you.

If you aren’t able to travel to each other’s houses, set up timings to meet online. Their consistency and hard work will surely impact you to work out and be more focused on your routine. After all, good friends help each other in all ways possible.

5. Track your progress

Tracking your progress is one of the best ways to keep up with your workout routine.

Noticing positive changes in your body will motivate you to stay on track while negative changes will also motivate you to improvise. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

6. Maintain a balanced lifestyle

Basking in the sunshine, eating vegetables and fruits, getting your proteins and fibres are just as important to stay fit and healthy.

Pairing your workouts with a healthy diet shows the best results. It also builds up your immune system, keeps the gut happy, and reduces mental stress. The best part about turning healthy is, it will keep you focused on your workout and never skip a day without it.

So, replace your pizzas with healthy oats and pasta with vegetable soup. Your body will thank you in the future.

Over to you…

Maintaining your workout routine while staying home isn’t as challenging as you thought it to be. The only key required here is being consistent with the process. And with these tips, you won’t have much trouble staying in shape or achieving your dream body without going to the gym.