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The Main Criteria On Choosing A Crypto Exchange

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One of the factors for successful crypto investment is picking a crypto trading platform. The Internet offers a wide variety of such services. Some of them have a centralized (regulated) type, others are decentralized. In this article, we will give recommendations on how to pick a worthy cryptocurrency exchange for trading and investment.

Popular cryptocurrency exchanges offer a variety of trading tools, a large number of crypto trading pairs, and a high level of protection. But there are much more features to pay attention to. Let’s list them all.

Criteria to Consider

Here are the main factors to consider when choosing a crypto exchange:

• The level of liquidity. Pick a platform with high liquidity, especially when it comes to less popular crypto pairs. If there is no sufficient liquidity, you risk waiting until there is someone to buy or sell assets in the pair you claim for too long.

• Jurisdiction. A platform should have legal registration so that if you face any problems, you will know where to address and ask for help. It is not recommended to pick exchanges that have no registration.

• Safety. Check out the reviews on the exchange, and read as much information as possible about the platform. Look for the license of the platform. Did it undergo a security audit? The safest crypto exchange is the one that has all the documents needed and positive reviews, and an untainted reputation.

• The number of trading tools, the leverage ratio, the possibility to use advanced trading instruments, etc. Look for the tools you need in your trading activity.

• Crypto pairs available and fiat to crypto exchange. If you are looking to work with fat-crypto pairs, you only need a regulated cryptocurrency exchange.

If you are a beginner trader, look for a platform with a convenient interface. Many traders leave positive reviews on the WhiteBIT platform, so check it out.