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How Sustainable Is Living In Las Vegas?

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America has such a diverse range of cities and landscapes that many people are spoilt for choice regarding where they decide to live. On one coast, you have the modern-day Metropolis of New York City, considered one of the most iconic cities on Earth. Alternatively, you have the vast wintery, snowy bleakness of Alaska and the Northern states.

As we move anti-clockwise around the country, the West Coast is a surfer’s paradise, home to the world’s most iconic and ingenious technology companies. Head East again, and there’s the barren and dry Nevada desert, with a dazzling landscape of luxury casinos permeating the starkness of the sun-baked and unforgiving terrain.

The Casino Industry

It’s pretty evident that the casino and entertainment business is the big draw in Vegas. Gamers and tourists jet in from all over the world to see what Vegas has to offer, and it’s people who work in these industries and build them into the dynasties they’ve become who have also relocated to Vegas.

For those who have moved out to Nevada and flourished out in the heat of the desert, their business model of running a Vegas casino is one of the American industry’s most sustainable business models. It hasn’t just flourished. It has proven to be robust in times of economic turbulence, too, a skill few locations possess.

However, as casinos face a stiff challenge from the emergence of digital casinos, this could spark panic for those who have made their bread and butter from developing these towering luxurious gambling institutions that define one of the most famous strips of road anywhere in the world. It’s not just digital casino companies that they have to look out for. There’s also a vastly safer, cheaper, and more convenient payment method to play classic casino games like poker and slots – cryptocurrency.

While Bitcoin casino gaming is still in its primitive stages, it has combined the digital sector’s effective convenience and morphed it with the immense potential of Bitcoin. This combination has created a new level of convenience for people who enjoy casino gaming. Bitcoin slots online offer convenience, and more people are exploring using Bitcoin to play their favorite casino games. A crypto casino has all the same offerings as a traditional online casino or a land-based one but with an added layer of security for you and the operator.

Although Las Vegas responded well to the rise of digital casinos, with few experiencing any dip in their profit margins, the rise of another more convenient way to gamble digitally could have people who have worked in the sector begin questioning the long-term sustainability of living in Las Vegas.

Geography & Climate

With weather extremes becoming more volatile, Las Vegas sits precariously on edge from a sustainability perspective. The Hoover Dam is a triumph of human design and provides enough energy for most Las Vegas citizens. In addition, the Hoover Dam also provides electricity and water for many other states situated in the South West.

If it were to dry up, or there were to be a temperature change, causing less rainfall, this could spell an ecological disaster for those living in Las Vegas.

Not only would the climate make going outdoors essentially impossible, but the inability to generate the copious amounts of energy required to keep one of America’s most iconic cities running efficiently would have an untold and unimaginable knock-on effect – so depending on how issues with the climate play out over the next 50 years, this could see thousands of people opting to move out of Vegas and into a climate which is more balanced and liveable.


Living in Las Vegas is much different from traveling to Sin City for a long weekend. However, the fact remains that it hinges primarily on the sustainability of the entertainment industry, which for now at least looks reasonably robust. Even in the face of economic uncertainty or downturn, Las Vegas has always been able to bring in people from all over the world who want to breathe in the magic that so many people allude to.

Barring any significant climactic issues, there’s no reason living in Las Vegas can remain on a constant, steady level. Vegas’s population has steadily grown over the last century. While there was a pretty significant dip after the housing crisis in 2008, it has since rebounded to levels that compete with any other tourist city in the United States. Vegas has world-class entertainment, some of the world’s finest casinos and restaurants, and it is a city that benefits from exporting its culture and image to people worldwide.

These components all mean living in Las Vegas is sustainable and a viable long-term destination for people looking to set up within the casino industry and generate a successful business idea.