letter balloons for decoration

When to Use Letter Balloons: Ideas for Decoration

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Letter balloons are the new trend in the world of air design. Not only are these highly customizable; they are usually extremely versatile and will come in handy whatever the occasion is.

Birthdays and weddings, anniversaries, and corporate evenings – inflatables that look like letters are a stylish way of elevating the design. These are the best ways of spicing up a party venue with letter balloons.

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1. Birthday parties

Birthday parties are a magnificent occasion to incorporate your letter balloons because you can spell the birthday boy’s or girl’s name. You can either use it around the centerpiece of the table by hanging your balloons above the birthday cake and flowers or keep the letters in the back of your venue to make them more low-key.

If you’re planning on making a modern photo zone, show those Instagram stalkers whose stylish birthday is this by attaching letters to the backdrop. It is the easiest gift if you are decorating the dwelling for the birthday person because it shows a great deal of diligence and attention, and will certainly do you justice as a decorator.

2. Hen parties

If you want to astonish the bride by decorating the venue and throwing a surprise party, make sure you incorporate those stylish letter balloons. Who doesn’t want to see pink metallic inflatables like in those Hollywood chick flicks? Not only do they look extremely expensive and high-maintenance, but you will also give the impression of a careful decorator who understands the vibe.

These balloon letters may contain funky phrases, or something mockingly funny. It doesn’t have to be someone’s name or mean anything romantic. Have fun and go out of your way to impress the bride with a pink photo zone because hopefully, things like weddings don’t happen too often.

3. Baby shower and gender reveal parties

These parties are usually the most heart-warming things you can ever encounter, but you have to be careful with the decorations. Your balloons may simply spell “it’s a girl” or “it’s a boy”. However, choosing the color of your balloon letters will be a direct indicator of a baby’s gender.

If you want to surprise the guests, hide the balloons at the back of the room so that the secret is kept until everyone gathers at the table. The letters can also spell the baby’s name in case you already know it. This would be an incredibly touching detail that will leave nobody indifferent.

4. Grad parties

Graduation parties are one of the key nights in every teenager’s life, so you have to be specific about the decorations. Most teachers and members of the Parents Council choose corny phrases to greet the grads.

However, being too hip is not what teenagers necessarily fancy, so you have to Google something trendy, but not overwhelming. A simple “congratulations” or a beautiful backdrop would be the best decoration for a graduation party.