leo zodiac sign in love

Leo Zodiac Sign In Love: What Is A Leo Like In Relationships & Dating?

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Like the lion the sign is named after, Leo in love is bold, assertive, and direct in the pursuit of romance. One of the passionate signs, Leo is best known for the fact that you get what you see. Partners with this sun sign may sometimes come across as aggressive about your time or attention, but they do not play head games. The sign of the lion is also one of the most loyal astrological signs.

Of course, there’s a lot more to the impact astrology has on a personality than just the sun sign. A free natal chart of the Leo you love can help you better understand the fine points of their emotions while you explore this new relationship.

Exciting Love & Contagious Passion

All the best psychic readings of Leo pairings note the sign’s ability to make love and passion contagious with the sheer force of personal excitement. Signs that are prone to attention-seeking behavior because of a strong need for validation may even find the passionate romantic interest of a Leo is enough to spark desire where there was none previously.

This makes Leo a very persuasive sign in the pursuit of love. This contagious excitement and passion can lead to a bad match if the target of the Leo’s love is more attracted to the display of attention than the Leo providing it, so it’s worth second-guessing your motives if you suddenly find yourself smitten with a Leo who has had an unrequited crush on you for a while.

Loyalty & Possessiveness

Loyalty is the other major trait of Leo sun signs, but like all personality traits, it can become distorted by anxiety or personal trauma. A Leo whose loyalty runs away from them because of negative experiences may wind up being quite possessive in relationships. This is a pitfall for those looking to maintain wider social networks or to pursue polyamory, but it is a surmountable one.

With love and emotional work, Leos who give in to possessive impulses can reel things back into a healthy loyalty. The key is open communication and assurance of your own loyalty to your Leo.

For more insight into navigating the fault lines in Leo’s personality, you need a birth chart and an astrological consultation with psychic mediums online who specialize in romantic interpretations of astrology.

Loving Leo Back

If you decide to pursue a relationship with a Leo, it’s important you consider the potential incompatibilities in your charts beyond the simple question of sign compatibility.

In fact, it’s often less important than the combination of the fifth, seventh, and eighth houses. The fifth house governs romance and provides insight into courtship behavior. The seventh gives you insight into both of your approaches to partnership.

Finally, the eighth house discusses sex and arousal, providing insight into the deeper drives of a potential partner. It’s also worthwhile to compare the Mars signs between charts when looking into emotional or sexual compatibility, because Mars governs arousal and attraction.

If you’re looking into the long-term potential for marriage, all four are important but the seventh house will be the most important. If the question is more one of physical compatibility, you really need to compare Mars signs. To learn more, make an appointment with a psychic medium today.